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Newlyweds are a popular focus in a wedding, but they’re not the only focus. The wedding cake plays a vital role in a wedding, too. Not only does it have to look presentable, it has to taste good. Here’s a sample of wedding cakes you can choose from for your special day:

Traditional Wedding Cake

A traditionawww.hollibphotography.coml wedding cake is created with several layers. The layers represent the number and size of guests attending the wedding. The cake can be simple by being donned with colored, sugar flowers. Or, it can be shaped into any object you wish. A well-known ceremony done with this kind of cake involves the couple cutting it, and feeding the slices to each other.


Groom’s Cake

grroms cakeThis cake was invented in Victorian England. The groom’s cake was created as a way to honor the groom since weddings usually center around the bride. It is a small cake made with dark chocolate or fruit. Guests at weddings tend to be sent home with slices of this cake. A groom’s cake legend says that single women who sleep with a slice of this under their pillows will dream of potential husbands. (The veracity of this legend is highly dubious, but if you or any single friends of yours are willing to try this, make sure your home isn’t infected with pests. Also, be sure to scrub your bedsheets and pillow case extra hard when finished.)

Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes are preferable to many couples because they smaller and less expensive than a normal wedding cake. Also, unlike traditional cakes, cupcakes offer a variety of flavors such as chocolate cupcakes with vanilla or whipped cream frosting.

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