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Satura cakes can make your dream cake into reality.  The bakery not just provides delicious cakes but also creative cakes. What makes Satura cakes unique? They never use mixes or artificially hydrogenated oils containing trans fats. Additionally, they are confident that after tasting their cakes, you would never want to settle for an ordinary cake again since their cakes are made from the best possible ingredients by professional pastry chefs.

Satura Dome Puppy

Satura Cakes Prices

List of CakesPrice
Satura Shortcake$59.00
Satura Dome-Flower$67.00
Chef Special Rose$76.00
Classic Chocolate$52.00
(New!) Yuzu Passion$55.50
Mango & Coco$52.00
Red Velvet$52.00
Original Tiramisu$52.00
Earl Grey$55.50
New York Cheese$69.50
Dome Bunny$69.50
Dome Chick$69.50
Dome Kitty$69.50
Dome Pig$69.50
Dome Dino$69.50
Dome Puppy$69.50
Dome Lion$69.50
Full Sheet Cakes (for larger crowds)up to $300

About Satura Cakes

SeungHo Jung, a renowned pastry chef, moved on to become the owner of Satura Cakes, a European-Japanese fusion bakeshop in Los Altos, California, after training and rising under Masahito Motohashi of the famous Japanese bakery Anniversary Co. European cakes are famed for their outstanding quality and taste, evolving from their humble beginnings into their current reputation as a classic global phenomenon.

The Japanese cake tradition began, largely imitating European styles, before evolving into its distinct style of appearance, taste, and texture. Even though Japan had no native wheat crops, baking spread throughout the country after the Portuguese introduced it. Later, Japanese pastry chefs traveled to France and Italy to receive classical European pastry instruction. Also, they gave a cultural touch and became noted for their distinct style.

Dome Bunny

Moreover, Japanese cakes are lighter, less sweet, and have greater attention to detail.

The approach highlights how important it is for each ingredient’s flavor and texture to come together as individuals (rather than mixing) to produce something great. Additionally, the cakes must be aesthetically beautiful and meticulously organized to illustrate how the colors, textures, forms, and overall design work in exquisite harmony. Japanese desserts are always as beautiful as they are delicious.

Furthermore, the term Satura is derived from an ancient Roman cake made of barley, raisins, pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, and sweet wine – it was a dessert soaked with excellent things, therefore the name. While the word’s origin is not Japanese, the word satura sounds Japanese and was preferred by Japanese team members during the bakeshop’s name selection process. Satura was eventually chosen as the name because of its connection to the past and the fresh perception of the future. It has a European heritage with a refined Japanese twist, which matches the European-Japanese fusion cakes in Satura excels.

Satura’s Cake Flavors

Among their signature cake flavors are strawberry shortcake, mango coconut mousse, shortcake with mango passion fruit fresh cream, and green tea cake with vanilla bean cream. What’s more? Chocolate cake with caramel mocha cream is also available, as is a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Also, fresh blueberries and raspberries, a classic rich chocolate sponge with light and dark chocolate mousse. Then, a classic rich chocolate cake with bittersweet whipped ganache.

Specialize in Wedding Cakes

Satura’s wedding cakes are famous, following in the footsteps of its Japanese partner bakery, Anniversary Co. In addition, Anniversary Co. is the largest wedding cake provider in Japan. Until Anniversary Co., Japanese wedding cakes were inedible decorative emblems at weddings started selling actual wedding cakes, of which they now create approximately 500 every month.

If you live in or near Los Altos, California, consider yourself lucky. You can drive down to the shop and get some delicious sweets. You may also order one of their beautiful wedding cakes or special occasion cakes online. Contact Satura’s Patisserie to book catering, a dessert bar, tastings and consultations, and other delights.

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