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A family-run business Pauls Bakery was established in 1994 at South Hall, West London. Pauls Bakery specializes in Fresh Cream Cake. The bakery offer quality cakes from the day it opened until now. They believe that maintaining the quality of their cakes makes their customers keep coming back. So, they continue providing the area with delicious and creative cakes for any occasion! Also, Pauls Bakery has the best customer service giving fair service to every customer. Thus, Pauls Bakery offers mouth-watering cakes and customer service that you will never experience with others.

Pauls Bakery Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
Fresh Creamfrom £34.99
Chocolate Fresh Creamfrom £26.99
Black Forestfrom £34.99
Buttercreamfrom £46.99
Chocolate Buttercreamfrom £29.99
Icingfrom £54.99
Drip Cakesfrom £54.99
Half Cakefrom £33.99
Platterfrom £54.99
Square Shapefrom £45.99
Round Shapefrom £30.99
Heart Shapefrom £34.99
Number Shapefrom £34.99
Character Shapefrom £34.99
Doll Cakesfrom £34.99
Novelty Cakesfrom £34.99
Tiered Cakesfrom £200.99
Cake Trayfrom £150.99
Letter Shapefrom £34.99
Giant Cupcakefrom £34.99
Catering Eventfrom £34.99
Christmasfrom £34.99
Easterfrom £34.99
Eidfrom £34.99
Birthdaysfrom £34.99
Children’s Cakefrom £34.99
Anniversaryfrom £40.99
Graduationfrom £34.99
Baby Showerfrom £34.99
Christeningfrom £34.99
Mehndifrom £50.99
Valentinesfrom £40.99
Father’s Dayfrom £45.99
Mother’s Dayfrom £45.99

Pauls Bakery Cakes

At Pauls Bakery, they offer a cake for any occasion. Enjoy their selection of chocolate cakes, decadent fruit cakes, and freshly cooked cheesecakes, and get ready to make any event memorable. A special greeting on one of their freshly made cakes is the perfect way to express “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations.” Even better, go above and beyond and include a truly unique personalized touch. Moreover, Pauls Bakery believes they can provide a unique touch to your celebration.

Birthday Cake

Their delicious cakes are ideal for birthday parties. Online birthday cake orders can be placed for delivery to your door or as a delicious gift for a special someone. It has to be their best-selling Chocolate Fresh Cream Cake for individuals who adore chocolate. Think of numerous chocolatey layers topped with your choice of fruit, such as strawberries. You can also choose their well-known strawberry cake if you want something lighter and fruitier for your birthday cake. Imagine the fluffiest, lightest cake topped with your favorite toppings and sandwiched between cream and strawberries.

Further, many of their cakes come in larger sizes, and you may share them with even more celebratory birthday guests. Many of them allow you to add your unique birthday message. Whatever cake you select, whether to eat at home or send as a birthday present to someone you care about, you can be sure they will appreciate it.

Chocolate Cake with Strawberries at Pauls Bakery

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes prepared with fresh cream and frosting are Pauls Bakery’s specialty and ideal for your ideal wedding. It wasn’t by accident that they gained a reputation in London for their wedding cakes. They stand out from other producers thanks to their superior quality, affordable pricing, and attractive designs for wedding cakes. Additionally, their cakes speak for themselves, and both of those factors their cakes and their customer service have helped them expand into additional locations throughout London.

Unique Wedding Cake

What occasion are you celebrating? Pauls Bakery’s expert bakers can make beautiful celebration cakes. Birthday? Anniversary? Wedding? Baby Shower? Or simply a joyful reunion? They offer fruity, light cakes, signature cakes, and other varieties for any celebration. Many are available in larger sizes to satisfy jubilant audiences. Up to 20 people can be served by ordering their decadent Black Forest cake, and up to 60 guests can be served by ordering their best-selling Chocolate Fresh Cream in one of six different sizes. So, try now one of their cakes and share how it tastes!