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Does your kid or any other kid in your life have a birthday arriving soon? There’s enough to do with setting up his or her party, such as buying decorations and party hats, and getting gifts. Why not lighten your load by buying a cake instead of baking one? Below are popular cake themes for children. Think about what the child really loves, and choose accordingly:

Sports Cake

Does he love to watch football every week? Is she the soccer champ? Get a cake that’s shaped like a ball involved in the kid’s favorite sport.

Zoo Animals Cake

She reads or watches nature shows. He loves to visit the zoo. Make the child’s party a roaring good time by buying a cake shaped like a lion or zebra.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

Is he wild about the crime-fighting, pizza-eating, sewer-dwellers? Purchase a cake that looks like one of the green brothers or find one where all four of them are on the cake.

Pokemon Cake

Gotta catch’em all! Have a cake made shaped like Pikachu or Ash to delight the little tyke.

Disney Princesses Cake

Does she yearn to swim under the sea like Ariel or chat with talking objects like Belle? Give her the royal treatment by getting a cake with her favorite princess or one that features many of them if she’s undecided.

Pirate Cake

Argh! Request the cake to be formed into a ship or decorated with treasure chests and skull-and-crossbones. This should please the little pirate in your life. (Just make sure he doesn’t ask his guests to walk the plank.)

Dora the Explorer Cake

Hola! This journey-themed cake will fill the birthday girl with surprise and joy. A birthday party is an adventure in itself. Why not add to it with this spunky, a-Dora-ble traveler?