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Have you always dreamed of having a magical winter wonderland wedding?

Although most couples do not choose the cold winter months for their wedding date, winter is a great time for a wedding. There are so many beautiful ways to decorate for a winter wedding.

Today, we have created a list of some beautiful winter wedding cakes that will take your breath away!

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6 Super Dreamy Winter Wonderland Wedding Cakes


1. A Snowy Wedding Cake

If you love snow, this winter wedding cake may just be perfect for your wedding! It is simple yet elegant with the handmade snowflakes carefully placed around the cake.


2. Berry Bliss Cake

Winter Wonderland Wedding

Photo Credit: Rustic Wedding Chic

How gorgeous is this wedding cake with small bursts of winter color from the berries, pinecones, and sprigs of greens? It has a natural and organic yet beautiful feel to it.


3. Christmas Wedding Cake

winter wedding cakes

Photo Credit: Happy Wedd

Doesn’t this lovely cake just cream “Christmas wedding cakes?” We love how the baker incorporated monochromatic Christmas balls into the cake decor. It has a very Christmasy feel, yet is clearly for a wedding celebration.


4. Enchanted Castle Wedding Cake


Photo Credit: Disney Fanatic

If you are a big fan of all things Disney, this may be the perfect winter wedding cake for you! It glows (literally)! and has a beautiful winter look to it.


5. Wintery Gold Glimmers

winter wonderland wedding

Photo Credit: Caljava Online

This gorgeous cake is simple yet stunning. The gold bottom layer adds interesting texture and a depth of color to this cake!


6. Super Sweet Sleigh Ride Wedding Cake


Photo Credit: Web.Archive

If you really want to embrace the holiday season vibe at your wedding, this is a great cake option for you! How sweet are bride and groom in the sleigh on top of this elegant 3 tiered cake? And those snow covered trees really set the wintery scene!

We hope you found inspiration from these winter wonderland wedding cakes!

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