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Rosa Porto’s love and commitment to sharing her delicious cakes and pastries with friends and family gave birth to Portos cake. With six sites in California and thousands of satisfied customers who can’t wait to get their hands on a fresh croissant from Porto’s Bakery in the morning, a dream that began almost 50 years ago is now a flourishing franchise.

Customers can purchase portos cakes prepared for them in addition to ready-made pies, tarts, cookies, and cakes. Additionally, the price of a cake from Porto’s might vary from $10 to several hundred dollars based on your choice. Therefore, many options are available if you wish to use portos cakes to celebrate a significant occasion.

Portos Cakes Prices

Cake Type


Portos Special Flavors Bundt Cakes

8 Inch Creme Brulee Bundt Cake$16.50
9 Inch Crumb Bundt Cake$10.25
10 Inch Tres Leches Bundt Cake$17.05
9 Inch Dulce de Leche Cake$10.25

Portos Sheet Cakes

¼ Sheet Cake (Serves 25)$38.5
½ Sheet Cake (Serves 50)$70.00
Full Sheet Cake (Serves 100)$141.00

Portos Round Cakes

8 Inch Round Cake(Serves 10)$24.75
9 Inch Round Cake (Serves 12)$22.75

Portos Cupcakes

Mini Cupcake$1.05
Regular Cupcake$1.95
Decorated Cupcakes$3.25

Portos Cake Designs

They customize cakes for any occasion. The prices may vary depending on the size and specifications that you want to achieve.

Portos Baby Shower Cake

One of Porto’s many lovely baby shower cakes is a great way to welcome a new baby. Affordable shower cakes come in different sheets and rounds with timeless designs. Therefore, you might choose a sheet cake that has been cut into a design like a stroller or baby clothing if you want something a little more intricate.

Porto’s can make adorable cakes in the shapes of babies for very intricate baby showers. Then, this comprises scenery, creatures, ships, or kid’s toys. Additionally, some shops might be able to make gender-revealing cakes with an inside hue that matches the baby’s gender. No matter how many guests you need to feed, Porto’s has a baby shower cake design that will work for you.

 Baby Shower Portos Cakes

Portos Birthday Cake

We all experience a unique day that is all about us every year. Treat portos cakes to yourself and the guests at your next birthday party. Are you organizing a child’s birthday celebration? Portos cakes will dazzle your kid and friends. Snowmen and well-known figures from books, television, and movies are the other amusing birthday cake designs. These enjoyable patterns, cake toppers, and edible embellishments are all included in Porto’s birthday cake prices.

Portos Birthday Cakes

Portos Wedding Cake

Porto’s takes pleasure in providing a selection of wedding cakes for you to pick from since we know how important it is to locate the ideal cake for your wedding day. They can alter it to meet your specific requirements. They create their wedding cakes with the assistance of a cake decorator who will talk with you about your desires and guide you toward the finest decision for your big day.

Wedding cake costs are only given upon request because they depend on your preferences. As a result, they cost an average of $4 to $6 for each slice. So, if you’re looking for more affordable options, consider a sheet cake from Porto’s in a neutral taste.

Portos Wedding Cakes

Portos Graduation Cake

The real fun starts when former students throw a party for their friends and family after the graduation ceremonies are completed to celebrate their break. A cake with a graduation theme will contribute to the festive atmosphere in addition to the snacks, appetizers, and other party delicacies. Portos cakes are available in a range of sizes that are ideal for a perfect graduation cake party. So, in addition to circular layer cakes, it also comprises quarter, half, and full sheet cakes. Additionally, the bakery also gives customers the option of printing any graduate student’s photo on top of one of their cakes.

Portos Graduation Cake

How to Order Portos Cakes?

There are numerous ordering possibilities at Porto’s since there are different cake varieties. The bakery accepts orders via phone call. However, order simple cakes at least 24 hours in advance. Therefore, ordering unique and customized cakes from the store requires planning one week and two months. For their address and phone number, please visit their official website. However, you can’t order wedding cakes unless you schedule a consultation with Porto’s wedding cake experts. You can then dial 818-956-5996 or send an email to

Make sure to place your order long enough in advance for Porto to create the cake of your dreams. Have you ever tasted one of Porto’s cakes? Then, leave a comment below to express your ideas!

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