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Due to the quality and taste of its products, Busken Bakery has been featured in local, state, and national news. The Busken product line consists of Busken Originals, Customized Cakes, Cookies, and Donuts, as well as Original Ice Image Cookies. They offer the best taste, so their delicious goodies won’t let you disappoint! Although they might have the best cake for your special occasion, their prices are affordable. Please keep reading this article for additional information.

Busken Cake

Busken Bakery Cakes Prices

Busken Bakery prices start from $24 to $96, depending on the serving.

Cake TypeServing SizePrice
Dinner Cakes8″ Round = Serves up to 12$34
10″ Round = Serves up to 20$50
Petite Party CakeServes up to 6$48
Toy Scene Cakes8″ Round = 12 Servings$46
10″ Round = 20 Servings$62
1/4 Sheet= 12-16 Servings$46
1/2 Sheet= 24-48 Servings$62
Full Sheet = 48-96 Servings$96
Create Your Own Image Cake1/4 Sheet= 12-16 Servings$46
1/2 Sheet= 24-48 Servings$62
Full Sheet = 48-96 Servings$96
8″ Round = Serves up to 12$46
10″ Round = Serves up to 20$62
Create Your Cake1/4 Sheet = 12-16 Servings$34
1/2 Sheet= 24-48 Servings$34
Full Sheet = 48-96 Servings$84
6″ Round = Serves up to 6$24
8″ Round = Serves up to 12$34
10″ Round = Serves up to 20$50
Graduation Cakes1/8 Sheet = 4-6 Servings$36
1/4 Sheet = 12-16 Servings$46
1/2 Sheet = 24-48 Servings$62
Full Sheet = 48-96 Servings$96

Company History

Joe followed a tried-and-true recipe, as many retail bakers do. Bake all day and sell all night. Production must also keep up with demand because doughnuts and pastries cannot be stored; otherwise, Joe and his expanding family would consume the unsold goods. In the 1930s and 1940s, as the bakery’s productivity and popularity increased, son Joe Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps. Moreover, when he was younger, he used to get to bed early on Fridays since his alarm for work on Saturday would go off at two in the morning.

Busken Bakery expanded continuously as the 1930s, 1940s, and eventually, the prosperous post-war 1950s rolled around. By this time, the East Hyde Park storefront had vanished. Norwood’s locations changed throughout time as the Busken kingdom expanded. Furthermore, in 1952, Joe Jr. joined the business, and thanks to his tenacity and innovation, the family business grew. Joe Sr. finally realized that his small bakery, which employed fifty or more people, required a permanent facility large enough to provide a source of baked goods for more than a dozen satellite outlets.

Company’s Expansion

To execute his plan in 1962, Joe Busken Sr. needed the largest loan he could locate. In Norwood, the bakery had once more run out of room.

So he decided to gaze decades into the future this time. At the intersection of Madison and Edwards Roads, he would purchase a failing grocery shop and turn it into the biggest and best bakery Cincinnati had ever seen. He reasoned that sometimes you had to borrow money to make money. Without even telling his oldest son, Joe mortgaged both the house and the family’s acreage in Indian Hill.

He put all on the line this time: four decades of alarm clocks going off at two a.m., four decades of blistering-hot ovens, four decades of wrist burns from errant trays, four decades of hurry-up from on-the-go customers, four decades of dime cream horns, nickel glazed donuts, and fifty-cent loaves of cinnamon bread, four decades of working on a dream. Joe had put everything on the line for that $100,000 debt and had borrowed $500 to get started, and everything had worked out brilliantly.

He was confident that this loan would be successful because persons with his drive also have trust.

Create Your Own cake at Busken

He also recognized that a bakery that served coffee, donuts, candies, and pieces of bread twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, would make a fortune in the growing new world of drive-ins, four-lane highways, and suburban sprawl.

In 1970, Page Busken joined his brother, Joe Jr., in heading the business. By that point, the Hyde Park bakery’s breakfast sweets and donuts had taken over most Cincinnatians’ lives. The brothers kept opening more sites and devoting employees to new products and services. Including corporate catering, fund-raising activities, and seasonal corporate gift-giving.  They also noticed that, as more women entered the job in the 1970s, downtown Cincinnati provided an excellent chance for affordable lunches from a locally owned bakery/restaurant. Busken’s first combo cafe/bakery debuted at 210 E. In 1977, Sixth Street.

Are you excited to try their products? Visit their bakery; they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, consider Busken Bakery for any occasion in your life. As they will provide you with the finest taste you’ve ever had! Check out some bakeries like Portos Cake, Meijer Cakes, and Target Bakery.