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Sylvia Weinstock Cakes started in the modest setting of a country house but today offers stunning, custom-designed cakes for any occasion all over the country. Customers order here for their wedding cakes, anniversaries, themed birthday parties, baptism cakes, and baby shower cakes.

Sylvia Weinstock cake pricing starts at $17 per serving, and they specialize in designing cakes specifically for customers. Based on the size and complexity of the design, Sylvia’s cakes cost more money. Moreover, her staff handles delivery, which starts at $200 for local deliveries. Every order starts with a consultation and on-site tasting. In addition, to ensure enough time for design and delivery, this phase should start early in the event planning stage.

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Prices

Please be guided by the prices listed below.

Cake Type


Customize Cake$17+ per serving
Design or Theme Cake$500 (minimum cake order)

Sylvia Weinstock Cake Designs

Prices may vary for customized cakes depending on the size and the complexity of the design you order.

Birthday Cakes

It’s special to have a Sylvia Weinstock cake for a birthday party. They crafted each design carefully to be ideal for the birthday celebrant. Sylvia’s Bakery can make the cake with just three to four weeks’ notice, but it is better to set up an early consultation as early as two months to guarantee a spot on the calendar.

Think about the celebrant’s interests and activities in choosing a birthday cake. Absolutely anything is possible thanks to Sylvia Weinstock Bakery’s expertise. The starting price for Sylvia’s cake at a birthday celebration is $17 per person. As a result, Sylvia Weinstock’s price is reasonable, given the quality of her work.

Birthday Cakes (Sylvia Weinstock Cakes)

Baby Shower Cakes

Are you looking for a pattern that is ideal for celebrating a newborn? You can purchase beautiful designs from Sylvia’s Bakery to have lovely baby shower cakes.

Classic round and square cakes with handcrafted edible flowers, animals, or baby toys on top are popular choices. Additionally, they can create cakes in the form of storks, strollers, babies, or other baby shower-related decorations. You can order a gender reveal cake from the business that you can slice to reveal cake in the hue that symbolizes the baby’s gender. Depending on the size and complexity of the personalized cake, the price of the cake and delivery fees will vary. Furthermore, Sylvia Weinstock mini-cakes are just $17 per person. If you also like baby shower cupcakes you can request them from their bakery.

Baby Shower Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Weddings are the perfect occasion for Sylvia Weinstock’s cake creations!  The bakery has a lot of experience baking wedding cakes since they are one of their most popular product lines. The business can create seven-tiered, towering wedding cakes covered with lace-like needlework and edible flowers. Customers frequently choose a white cake with all-white decorations or a white cake with flowers in the wedding’s color theme. Sylvia’s Bakery offers to give you your design for your dream wedding cake.

A couple should make sure they know the location of the wedding and have chosen a dress before settling on a cake design. It should blend in with the rest of the event so that it will be amazing. However, you will need to pay a down payment for the costs of Sylvia Weinstock’s wedding cakes. The difficult cake designs might take weeks to make, so keep that in mind. For more wedding cakes take a look at Stop and Shop Bakery.


How to Order

Before placing an order, the client must schedule a tasting and design consultation. Expect a long wait, you might need to place your order for your cake months in advance because they only produce about 15 cakes every week. Next, get in touch with Sylvia’s Cakes to place an order for a cake on their official page.