Couture Cake Prices in 2022

Couture Cakes Inc. is a bakery founded in Atlanta, Georgia. It specializes in providing custom-made cakes for special events. Since 2000 the boutique cake bakery has made a name for itself throughout Georgia. So, it only uses the best possible ingredients to create beautiful cakes. Also, Couture Cakes are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to serve their guests a dessert that will be unforgettable.

Couture Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Couture Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet$80.00
1/2 Sheet$70.00
1/4 Sheet$60.00
Couture Round Cakes
8″ Single Layer $75.00
2-Tiered Cake$125.00
3-Tiered Cake$250.00
Couture Wedding Cakes
Butter Cream Tiered$5.50 per serving
Fondant Tiered $6.50 per serving
Couture Sculpted Cakes
Sizes Vary$7.00 per serving

Couture Cakes Wedding Cakes


Couture Cakes specializes in creating lovely weddings. You would be proud to serve to guests on one of the most important days of your life. Wedding cakes come in one of seven different recommended flavors. These are vanilla, chocolate fudge, red velvet, almond, carrot strawberry, and lemon. So, you can only choose buttercream icing and specialty fillings. The most popular tiered wedding cake designs feature four layers. But, it is possible to get a customized wedding cake with as few as three tiers or as many as seven distinct layers.

Couture Cakes Birthday Cakes

No birthday dinner is complete without a cake. Cakes are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your next birthday celebration. Their beautifully sculpted cakes are a wonderful ending to any party. Also, cakes shaped into fun characters or objects are a great addition to a children’s party. Teenagers like with a two-tiered cake. Also, adults will enjoy any gourmet cake with a delicious fruit preserve filling.

Couture birthday cake

Couture Cakes Baby Shower Cakes

Couture baby shower Cake

Baby shower cakes are a time-honored tradition that has taken on more significance in recent years. Many couples now use the cake served at their baby shower to reveal the gender of their coming child. Couture prices include options for colored icing. Also, these cakes will show the guests the expected gender of the baby once the cake is cut. For those who have already announced the gender of their baby. So, consider ordering a sculpted cake in the shape of presents, teddy bears. You can also feature the name chosen for the infant.

Couture Cakes Graduation Cakes

Couture graduation cake

Serving Couture Cakes cakes at your graduation party is a fantastic way to impress guests while simultaneously congratulating the triumphant student. Couture Cakes prices include the option to have a tiered cake. It includes the name of the student, their school, and their graduation year. Alternatively, you can have a cake sculpted that celebrates the student’s favorite sport especially if they played a sport throughout high school.

How to Order?

Orders may be placed over the phone or via email. When placing your order, you will need to provide the date of your event. So, ensure that the data is available. Once the bakery has confirmed availability a 50% deposit is required. It is to officially place your order. Couture Cake company is based out of Atlanta Georgia. You can order online.

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Laura K
Author: Laura K

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