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Ingles Bakery is famous for allowing its customers to choose from their different products at very reasonable prices, and its cakes certainly live up to this reputation. They provide hundreds of dessert selections to make your celebration memorable! Consider Ingles Bakery as one of your cake selections because their cakes are all scrumptious and unique. Furthermore, the bakery provides birthday cakes for the majority of children. Pricing for sheet cakes, on the other hand, may vary depending on the design and flavor. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the cake prices at Ingles Bakery.

Hello Kitty Cake

Ingles Bakery Cakes

Sheet CakePrice
Party Cake 2$23.98
Party Cake 20$23.98
Catching the Big One$31.98
Party Cake 12$23.98
Party Cake 1$23.98
Disney Princess – Once Upon A Time$31.98
Party Cake 8$23.98
Cars 3 – Ahead of the curve$31.98
Hotwheels Drift$31.98
Beauty and the Beast – Beautiful As A Rose$31.98
Minnie Happy Helpers$31.98
Mickey – The Roadster Racers$31.98
Spider-Man Ultimate Light Up Eyes$31.98
Paw Patrol$31.98
John Deere$31.98
Hello Kitty$31.98
Super Mario$31.98
Peppa Pig$31.98
Sesame Street$31.98
Trolls Happy$31.98
Unicorn Creations$31.98
Dear Head Magnet$31.98
Beach Chair and Umbrella$31.98
Construction Dig$31.98
Dinosaur Pals$31.98
Summer Flip Flops$31.98
Red Hot Chopper$31.98
Military /robot Tank$31.98
Crown and Scepter$31.98
Mystical Mermaid$31.98
Bath Toys$31.98
Monster Jam$31.98
Blue Baby Booties$31.98
Pink Baby Booties$31.98
Shark Creations$31.98
Dragon Creations$31.98
Baby Shark$31.98
Disney Encanto$31.98
Party Cake 3$23.98
Party Cake 4$23.98
Party Cake 5$23.98
Party Cake 6$23.98
Party Cake 7$23.98
Party Cake 8$23.98
Party Cake 9$23.98
Party Cake 10$23.98
Party Cake 11$23.98
Party Cake 12$23.98
Party Cake 13$23.98
Party Cake 14$23.98
Party Cake 15$23.98
Party Cake 16$23.98
Party Cake 17$23.98
Party Cake 18$23.98
Party Cake 19$23.98
Party Cake 20$23.98
Party Cake 21$23.98
Party Cake 22$23.98
Party Cake 23$23.98
Party Cake 24$23.98

Bakery’s History

The history of Robert Ingle qualified him to grasp customer preferences in his market. He worked in a grocery shop founded by his grandparents in Asheville, North Carolina, where the company headquarters is currently located, as a member of a third-generation supermarket family. Moreover, in 1956, Elmer Ingle terminated the family business, and Robert enrolled at the University of Miami. Additionally, from 1961 to 1963, he returned to the Carolinas to work for the Colonial Stores network until he was able to secure financing to open his first Ingles store in Asheville in 1963.

Mickey Mouse Cake

Robert Ingle established the first Ingles supermarket in Asheville, North Carolina. Carolina back in 1963. He saw an opportunity to invest in smaller cities and communities. Also, big food stores dominated rural regions in North and South Carolina. It worked out well. The expansion into similar Georgia villages was a success. Tennessee, Alabama, and Virginia followed following swiftly. With over $4 billion in annual sales, Ingles currently has approximately 200 stores in the United States and six southern states.

Robert Ingle founded the company in 1963 with a consumer emphasis and a commitment to quality and convenience that remains today. Ingles Markets’ extensive choice of brand-name products is supplemented with its own Laura Lynn brand products, which are equal to or better than National Brands and are warranted by the company. Mr. Ingle’s daughter, Laura Lynn Ingle, is the name on products under the Ingles Private Label trademark.

You will never go wrong when you buy a cake from Ingles Bakery. Have you tried their cake? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below with your opinion!

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