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Mexican bread made by hand at Tierra Caliente Bakery is well-known for being both delicious and reasonably priced. What else? For any occasion, the bakery also provides a variety of cakes. They offer round cakes, sheet cakes, and even customized cakes. Following that, Tierra Caliente Bakery will let you choose the design and flavor of your dream cake! Thus, Tierra Caliente Bakery is the perfect place for you if you intend to purchase a cake. Kindly keep reading to know more about the bakery, especially its cake prices.

Tierra Caliente Bakery Cake Prices

Cake TypePrice
8 Inch Round Cake (Serves 8)$24.00
9 Inch Round Cake (Serves 12)$39.99
10 Inch Round Cake (serves 20)$100.00
12 inch Round Cake$140.00
¼ Sheet Cake (Serves 20)$65.00
½ Sheet Cake (Serves 40)$100.00
Full Sheet Cake (Serves 80)$170.00
Custom Cakeup to $500.00

Tierra Caliente Cakes

Tierra Caliente Bakery can provide you with wedding cakes, baptism cakes, birthday cake themes, and many more! Their cakes are loaded with a variety of readymade designs and decorations. However, if you want a customized cake, please make a booking in advance to avoid the rush process. Additionally, they provide a variety of flavors and icing to enhance the beauty and flavor of your cake. The skilled staff at Tierra Caliente Bakery can turn any dream cake into a reality!

Anniversary Cake

An anniversary is not just for couples. It can also be for your business, job, or even your accomplishments in life! Additionally, having an anniversary celebration should be memorable, so get a cake from Tierra Caliente Bakery to achieve that. Your favorite cake will be served to you by the bakery in the best possible state for you to share with your loved ones. So, visit their shop and place an order for a cake!

Baptism Cake

If you are celebrating a baptism, you will get a custom cake from Tierra Caliente Bakery to make the occasion perfect. For any religious occasion, Tierra Caliente Bakery can create a three-tier baptism cake with a beautiful cross on top. They can even create a cake with a design of your choice. You can just provide them with a concept or a picture, and they’ll handle the rest. The price of each cake then varies based on how difficult the design and decorations are.

blue and white baptism cake with cross

Graduation Cake

The most straightforward Tierra Caliente graduation cake is a spherical cake with a frosted graduation hat on top. They might also make mention of a school’s sports team or use its logos. Therefore, it ought to represent the graduate’s interests. If you prefer a cake in the form of a graduation toga, diploma, or stack of books, Tierra Caliente can also help. However, these specialty-shaped cakes cost more and need more time to make. Therefore, place your order in advance.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cakes made by Tierra Caliente Bakery are superb. As a result, they might design gorgeous, classic patterns using cake tiers with flowers and pearls cascading from the top. Additionally, the bakery will make frosting to match your wedding colors if you bring in a sample. Additionally, they can create cakes in unusual shapes, like gift boxes or tree trunks. As a result, their wedding cakes could be quite expensive. However, they are effective for weddings if the bride and groom want a lavish reception. For more wedding cakes you can visit Portos Cake.

white simple wedding cake

A large variety of cake flavors, shapes, and designs are available at Tierra Caliente. Their cakes are ideal for any special event! Have you ever placed a bakery order there? Kindly leave a review to let us know your thoughts.