Safeway started out as a tiny marketed purchased from a man by his own son. Determined to set the highest industry standards Safeway implemented “sell by” dates on perishable items to ensure that customers only received the best quality items. Today the values that Safeway was founded on remain intact. With over 2,200 stores throughout the United States, Safeway continues to offer great products for fair prices making the Safeway bakery an ideal place to order your next special occasion cake.

Safeway Bakery Cakes Prices

Safeway Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet$55.99
1/2 Sheet$45.99
1/4 Sheet$29.19
1/8 Sheet$19.99
Round Cakes
8" Single Layer$8.79
8" Double Layer$16.49
Cupcake Cakes
12 Count$13.30
24 Count$21.99
Wedding Cakes
2 Tier$91.30
3 Tier$117.99

Safeway Wedding Cakes

safeway wedding cakeGetting married is one of the most important events in the life of most adults. Making the wedding day perfect is the goal of all couples and the cake cutting ritual is an important part of that special day. Showcasing the best cake available is an important aspect of the wedding planning process and always low Safeway wedding cake prices make them a cost effective solution. Safeway bakery cakes for weddings are three tiered making them the perfect choice for anyone who is planning a very traditional wedding reception. The bakery staff will work with you to choose the perfect combination of flavors, icing, and cascading edible decorations. Two popular Safeway cakes for weddings are white cake with lemon filling and raspberry chocolate cake. Safeway bakery cakes are a great choice for a perfect wedding.

Safeway Birthday Cakes

safeway birthday cakeNo birthday is complete without a birthday cake, and Safeway cakes are a wonderful choice for those who are planning a birthday party for a teenage or adult. While there are Safeway bakery cakes with character designs (Disney, movies, and cartoons), Safeway birthday cakes features several types of cakes that are perfect for a more mature crowd. Their cakes can be customized with special messages, edible decorations, and there are multiple colors and flavors available. Some of the more popular birthday cake flavors are carrot cake, black forest, white cake, and German chocolate. Safeway birthday cake prices included customization and most edible (or inedible) decorations.

Safeway Baby Shower Cakes

safeway baby shower cakeOne of the last parties that expecting parents get to enjoy is the baby shower. It gives them a chance to spend time with close friends, family members, and coworkers prior to welcoming their new child. After gifts are given and games are played guests usually settle down to talk and enjoy a slice of cake. Safeway bakery cakes for baby showers are available in quarter, half, and full sheet cakes and are perfect for small gatherings or large parties.

The reasonable Safeway baby shower cake prices make them an affordable option for those hosting a baby shower on a tight budget. Simple flavors like yellow and white cake with vanilla icing are available for parties hosted for a mother with a very sensitive stomach. Safeway cakes for baby showers come with decorations that are baby or stork themed making them an adorable center piece for your party.

Safeway Cake Order from the Safeway Cakes Menu

Once you have decided which of the Safeway cakes will be best for your gathering placing a Safeway cake order from the Safeway cakes menu is easy. Call your nearest Safeway location and speak with the staff in the bakery. Place your order as far in advance as possible to take advantage of any sales, specials, or limited edition designs. Call approximately 24 hours prior to your pick up time to confirm the pickup time for your order.