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La Reyna Bakery got you whether you’re throwing a celebration at work, celebrating a birthday or graduation, or planning a wedding. When you get a cake from a reliable bakery, there isn’t much to complain about. It looks attractive and has a superb flavor. Everyone can make a cake from a box, but if you want something genuinely artisanal and exquisite. You should be a little picky. So, you should choose the perfect bakery that will realize your dream cake and favorite flavor!

Pink with Details Birthday Cake

La Reyna Bakery Cakes Prices

Type of CakePrice
8 inch One Layer Round Cake $8.79
8 inch Two Layer Round Cake $16.49
⅛ Sheet Cake $19.99
¼ Sheet Cake $21.99
½ Sheet Cake $45.99
Full Sheet Cake $55.99
Custom Cakes varies

Special Menu

La Reyna Bakery will have your freshly baked, traditional dessert for that holiday if there is one, such as Los Dias De Los Muertos on November 2 or the Roscas de Reyes on January 6. On Dia de Los Muertos, a holiday commemorating the memory of the deceased. The celebrant prepares their favorite foods and displays the treasured things of their loved ones. Also, the practitioner makes any size altar and is dedicated to the loved one. Along with a pan de Muerto from La Reyna Bakery.

Moreover, La Roscas de Reyes, or the Day of the Kings, or Dia de Los Reyes, which falls on January 6, is another traditional Mexican holiday where loved ones come together to celebrate the advent of the Three Kings Day, another Catholic tradition. In Mexico, it’s tradition to exchange gifts with loved ones and friends on Christmas Day, along with a substantial loaf of bread called the Rosca de Reyes, which translates to “the crown of the three kings.” Additionally, the bread has plastic babies buried inside of it, and if your slice has a baby in it, you must eat any size supper on February 2nd. Due to the popularity of this holiday, order this festive bread at La Reyna Bakery as soon as possible.

Daily Menu

The Pan de Concha, which translates to “sea shell,” is one of the daily offerings at La Reyna Bakery. It can be topped with pink, white, or chocolate sugar. Additionally, the Concha and Lima are produced with the same ingredients as the Chilindrinas. They take their name from a freckle-faced child figure from the Mexican children’s program El Chavo del Ocho.

La Novia, which means “the bride” in Spanish, is named after limes because they resembled belly buttons. It gets its name from the sugar-wrapped spiral-shaped dress topper. Additionally, the Granada is named after the pomegranate because of its shape. There are other pastries prepared with the same pan de novo (egg bread) ingredients that have equally humorous titles.

La Reyna

With the same ingredients as pan de huevo but an additional egg, cuernos is another popular dish.

They are either dusted with sugar or given an egg wash to give them the impression of a polished shell. These Cuernos are by far one of the bigger slices of bread we make daily; smaller versions called Bigotes, which means mustache, and Corbatas. This means bow ties are formed from the same dough and are both sugar-coated. The Picone, which is created from the same mixture, can be translated. Additionally, they make Elotes, which is maize bread, Cuernito, which is little horn bread, and pan de Manteca, which is lard bread. The bakers also periodically construct other designs to amuse themselves while baking. These loaves of bread are filled with a dough that resembles paste or spaghetti and is yellow. This mixture is used to make various types of bread, including Nopal bread.

La Reyna Bakery offers mouthwatering cakes with many customization options. They also sell freshly baked goods for every occasion. Have you bought a cake from them before? Kindly share your experience with us!

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