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Lets face it, us older folk typically don’t get very excited about our upcoming birthday party. After a certain age a birthday party is just a friendly reminder that we are getting older so we don’t tend to put too much importance on it. Our kids ,however, have a totally different perspective on their birthday party. For most kids a birthday party is a very special moment in their life, it is a time when a kid gets to invite all their friends, receive presents, and be a star for a day. Often times a kid will start talking about their birthday party months in advance. For this reason it’s very important that we try to make their special day memorable. Key part of any birthday party is the cake so in this blog post we will go over few tips to help you pick out the perfect cake for your kid’s birthday party.

Tip 1) Choose the right theme for the cake!- Its always better to surprise your kid with a cake on their birthday party rather then involving them in the buying process. By making it a surprise they will be wondering what type of cake they are getting and if you get it right it will make their birthday party so much better. Keep in mind that your kid’s birthday party will involve all of their friends so just because they like to watch Dora in their spare time doesn’t mean they want all their friends to know that they love Dora. Its important to pick a theme that your kid will be proud showing off to their friends.

Tip 2) Pick the correct size! –  Make sure you have enough cake for everyone. If you are inviting 20-30 guests make sure the cake is big enough so that nobody gets left behind. If you are inviting large group of people and need a big cake you should look into getting a cake from Costco or Sam’s club as they sell big cakes.

Tip 3)  Don’t forget  the candles!– The highlight of any kid’s birthday party is when they get to blow their candles. If your kid is under 12 years old we recommend getting one small candle for each year instead of just getting one candle with a number. It makes it more fun to blow out multiple candles and all the kids will love it.

Tip 4) Order in advance!- Yes you can stop by any supermarket after work and buy a cake for your kid on their birthday but chances are the cake will not be very impressive. We know you love your kid and you want the cake to be special with their name and a cool theme so we recommend placing an order for the cake at least 3 business days in advance.

Tip 5)  Don’t forget plastic birthday plates!- Great way to make that birthday party even more special is by buying special birthday party plates that fits the theme of the cake. If the theme of the cake is ninja turtles imagine how cool it would be to have cake plates with different ninja turtles. Your kid will love it!