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Congratulations on your engagement! Besides picking out the dress, location of your wedding, food is going to be very important especially your wedding cake.

The wedding cake is the topper so to speak of your event. It usually means the end of the wedding and your main dessert, so you want to send your guest off with a memorable taste in their mouths.

So picking out the right wedding cake is important. Where do you start? First of all it depends on how much you plan to spend on your cake. Most people turn to their local bakery to make their cake and that could get pricey.

If price is no object, that may work for you but if you are on a budget or trying to stay on a budget, you may want to look into stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Publix or even Target super stores.

All these stores have bakeries who design wedding cakes for cheaper prices. Don’t be fooled, cheaper doesn’t mean bad taste which is the most important thing.

You want your cake to be delicious, with that in mind, go for cake taste before you decide what kind of cake you want.Most bakeries, bakers and stores offer the couple cake taste so you know exactly what you are getting.

And last but not least, you have to decide what design you want for your cake. That is probably going to be the determining factor too in what price you going to pay for your cake.

A wedding cake can make or break your reception, so make sure you make the right choice.