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If you are looking for ideas for awesome birthday cakes for autumn birthdays, you have come to the right place! We have created a list of 5 must-see fall birthday cakes that you could recreate on your own.

Spice Things Up With These Birthday Cake Ideas – Awesome Birthday Cakes

These birthday cake ideas have the look and feel of fall through and through- from leaves to scarecrows. Check them out below, and try to create them on your own. They would certainly make some of the best birthday cakes for any person who has a fall birthday.

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5 Beautiful Fall Birthday Cakes:


1. Leafy Tree Cake

Photo Credit: Cozy Little Houses

We love the look of this realistic autumn tree! It has all the bright and rich colors of fall. It should be relatively easy for most bakers to recreate on their own!


2. Pumpkin Patch Cake

How cute is this pumpkin patch cake? This makes a great cake for a child’s birthday or even for an adult who really like pumpkins!


3. Sophisticated Autumn Cake

fall birthday cakes

Photo Credit: Cakes Decor

This is a very chic cake for fall birthdays. This cake might be a bit more complex to recreate, but its simple beauty makes it worth the effort!


4. Scarecrow Spectacular Cake

fall birthday cakes

This is such a fun autumn birthday cake! It has every element of fall- leaves, pumpkins, vines, and even a scarecrow! There is a lot of fondant work on this cake, so it may be more challenging for some bakers to recreate.


5. Rustic Woodsy Cake

fall birthday cakes

Photo Credit: Cakes And Decor

We completely love this autumn birthday cake! It is beautiful from its tree-trunk textured top layer down to its detailed fox on the bottom layer. The autumn leaves really complete this cake and brings it all together in a cohesive manner. This cake looks great displayed on a piece of wood.