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Thanksgiving is almost here. For many, that means a delicious turkey, scrumptious sweet potato casserole, fluffy and buttery mashed potatoes, carrot and pea medley, a delectable pumpkin pie, and so much more.

But What About The Thanksgiving Cupcakes??

Thanksgiving spreads are usually very visually appealing! This year, you can make cupcakes that look just like your Thanksgiving meal. Even better, these Thanksgiving cupcakes are equally delicious!

To start out, bake your very favorite cupcake recipe. We recommend this delicious recipe for moist pumpkin cupcakes, but you can bake whatever cupcake recipe you like.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Source: Rosevill High School Panther Prowl

Mashed Potato Cupcakes


  • White frosting
  • Yellow Starburst candies (unwrapped)
  • Caramel sauce


Frost the cupcakes with the white frosting in a round circular pattern so the cupcakes look like they have mashed potatoes on top. Create an indentation in the top of your frosting so that you can place your Starburst and caramel sauce there. After placing the Starburst, drizzle your melted caramel sauce so that it looks like gravy.

turkey leg cupcake

Source: kids activities blog

Turkey Leg Cupcakes


  • Doughnut holes
  • Brown frosting
  • Finely crushed graham crackers
  • Wilton candy melts in white


Place a thin layer of frosting on each cupcake. Cut the doughnut holes in half and place one half of a doughnut hole on top of each cupcake. Using a pastry bag, cover the cupcake and doughnut hole with frosting. Spread it out evenly with a knife. Next, cover the frosting with the finely crushed graham cracker crumbs. Using a knife, cut a small hole into the cupcake for the bone to stick out from. To create the bone shape, melt the candy welts according to the directions on the packaging and pipe them out of a Wilton squeeze bottle onto parchment paper. Create a heart shape for the top and a long, thick trunk shape for the rest of the leg.

peas and carrots cupcake


Peas and Carrots Cupcakes


  • Green frosting
  • Green tootsie rolls (cut and rolled into pea shapes) or green Sixlets
  • Orange Starbursts cut into 4 squares or mini orange sized Starbursts


Spread green frosting over the top of the cupcakes. Then, arrange your green “peas” and orange  “carrot” pieces on the top.