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Hunting season is upon us! What better way to acknowledge this season than with delicious hunting cakes. In this list, you will find a unique deer hunting cake, a duck hunting cake, and more! Be prepared to be inspired by these incredible hunting themed cakes.

Celebrate Hunting Season With Beautiful Hunting Cakes

  1. The Hunt Is Over! Cake


How great is this deer hunting season cake?? The scene on this cake is right out of any deer hunter’s dreams!

“Any hunting couple who gets married during hunting season needs deer cake toppers like these”

2. Duck Hunting At Dawn Cake


This duck hunting cake is great because it is simple! It would be relatively easy to replicate as you would just need to create the silhouettes out of fondant or icing (if you have a very steady hand)!

“How great is this deer hunting season cake??”

3. Deer-ly Beloved Cake


Any hunting couple who gets married during hunting season needs deer cake toppers like these! These cake toppers are great because can transform any cake without a great deal of hassle.

4. A-Hunting We Will Go! Cake

Hunting Cakes

Oh my gosh, we love this cake so much! Wouldn’t this cake make a perfect addition to any hunter’s birthday celebration? We think so.

5. Deer’s Looking At You Cake


This cake is a great project for any beginning cake baker who wants to create a hunting cake because it utilizes piping bags and tips. Create the outline and fill in the cake with star tips to create this incredible deer head!

6. Lumberjack Stack Cake


We can’t even with this adorable lumberjack plaid cake! From the outside, it looks like a tree stump with woody bark on the outside. Cut into the cake and discover an adorable plaid pattern!

7. Field And Stream Cake


For a hunter OR fisherman, this cake is a great option due to its all-terrain feel! We love how this cake encompasses the entire hunting and fishing experience- from camping out in a tent with a campfire to the thrill of the hunt or the joy of nabbing a great catch!

8. Just Ducky Hunting Cake


We are blown away by this duck hunting cake! This cake is perfect for the duck hunter in your life! Every aspect of duck hunting is included- from the ammunition right down to the duck himself!