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Many people have birthdays in October, and what better way to celebrate an October birthday than with Halloween cupcakes! Many of these recipes are suitable for adults and children alike.

Some of these ideas can be modified into fall cupcakes that suit the entire season. We hope you will find some cupcake Halloween birthday party ideas on this list. After all, nothing says ‘happy birthday cupcake‘ like some edible glass or a creepy edible spider! Check out these Halloween and fall cupcake idea. Click the tabs below to check them out.

5 Spooky Halloween Cupcakes


1. Candy Creeper

halloween cupcakes

Wilton created these super spooky yet delicious creeper cupcakes! They are easy to make and perfect for a Halloween birthday celebration. Purchase the Gold Color Mist Food Spray (pictured above) from the how-to guide for just $3.50 on Amazon.


2. Vegan Spider Halloween Cupcakes

halloween cupcakes

If you are a vegan, you will LOVE these vegan cupcakes from Eat Healthy Eat Happy. In addition to being vegan, they are gluten free, processed sugar-free, oil free spider cupcakes! They are rich and decadent despite not having refined sugars or oil in them!


3. Emmy’s Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Learn to make super creepy zombie brain cupcakes from the highly gifted YouTuber, EmmyMadeInJapan. These cupcakes might disturb your friends. However, they won’t be able to resist their delicious flavor!

These gory cupcakes are sure to be a hit at the next late fall birthday party! Purchase these Nomskulls zombie molds seen in the YouTube video on Amazon for just $10.16.


4. Cauldron Cupcakes

halloween cupcakes

We adore these cute little cauldron cupcakes from a Pumpkin and a Princess.  We love the look of these fun cupcakes and the added crunch from the eyes, bones, and bats on top of the cupcakes. Purchase these edible eyes seen in the cauldron here.


5. Broken Glass Cupcakes


These cupcakes are downright terrifying! They leave you wondering “what happened???” You need a good candy thermometer like this one sold on Amazon in order to get your sugar “glass” to look like real glass!