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Unicorns are all the rage these days, and why shouldn’t they be?! Unicorns are awesome! Both adults and kids love unicorns, which makes this Unicorn birthday cake an awesome treat for almost anyone!

Unicorn Birthday Cake

Source: Crafty

Okay okay, maybe not everyone would enjoy having a Unicorn birthday cake, but we are willing to bet that you know at least one person who would enjoy this cake. Follow the directions below to create your mystical unicorn cake!

Wanna Be a Super Mom??

Order This SUPER CUTE Unicorn Birthday Cake From Craftsy!

For more detailed directions, visit the original source on Craftsy.

Feeling adventurous and wanna try this on your own??

Start out with a round, buttercream frosted cake made of whatever cake flavor you prefer. The buttercream frosting should be plain white/cream colored. Next, you will need

Materials and supplies:


Place the skewer into the cake dummy or Styrofoam block to determine how long you want the unicorn horn to be. Roll out your caramel colored fondant into a thin log that is thinner at one end. Twist your fondant rope around the skewer gently but tightly until you reach the top of the skewer. Next, use your edible paint to color the horn in the color of your choice. Roll out your pastel fondant to create the ears by using the tear/raindrop shaped cutter. Roll out the white fondant and use the large rose petal cutters to create two white ears.Use a veining tool to create indentations in the center of the ears and created a slightly rounded, ear-like shape. Use your black fondant rolled into thin, tapered logs to create V-shaped eyes. Use your rose tip to pipe the unicorn’s mane onto the cake around one edge and down the side. We recommend creating small rosettes. Now, add some sprinkles such as hearts or stars to your unicorn’s mane. Push the skewer horn down in the middle of the cake and decorate around it with candies, treats, meringue drops, etc. Place the fondant ears near the horn and the V-shaped eyes on the side of the cake.