Wegmans Cakes

In 1915 the Wegman brothers were working in their parent’s small store and selling fresh produce throughout Rochester, New York on a (sometimes horse drawn) pushcart. By 1931 the brothers were stunning their contemporaries by moving from their humble beginnings to their own 20,000 square foot store. They introduced such innovations such as refrigerated sections for produce and a cafeteria able to seat 300 people inside of their spacious grocery store. Today Wegmans continues to revolutionize the grocery industry by offering quality produce, gourmet cheeses, and “ultimate” Wegmans cakes.

Wegmans Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
Wegmans Round 1 Layer Vanilla Celebration Cake with Buttercreme
(serves 9)
Wegmans Round 2 Layer Vanilla Celebration Cake with Buttercreme
(Serves 16)
Wegmans 1/8 Sheet Celebration Marble Cake with Buttercreme Icing
(Serves 8)
Wegmans 1/4 Sheet Celebration Cake with Buttercreme
(Serves 18)
Wegmans 1/2 Sheet Vanilla Celebration Cake with Buttercreme
(Serves 36)
Cookie Cakes
Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, 1/8 Sheet
(serves 16)
Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, 1/4 Sheet
(serves 32)
Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, 1/2 Sheet
(serves 64)
Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, Sheet
(Serves 120)

Wegmans Birthday Cakes

webmans birhday cakeNo birthday celebration is complete without a specially made cake to enjoy. Instead of spending time making your own cake, treat yourself and your guests to high quality Wegmans cakes. Baked freshly each day, Wegmans bakery cakes come in multiple sizes suitable for both small and large groups. Wegmans birthday cake prices are more reasonable than the average boutique bakery even though they are of the same high quality as a gourmet cake. These cakes can be customized with a message for the birthday person or a special edible photo. Choose from a round layered cake for an intimate gathering and sheet cakes for larger parties. Cakes are made using delicious, perfectly sweetened, buttercream icing.

Wegmans Graduation Cakes

wegmans graduation cakeGraduating from high school is a momentous occasion that a person will remember for the rest of their life. In order to make the memorable life event even more special you should consider having a graduation party. This gives you and your closest friends a chance to spend time together before going to college. Kroger cakes are the perfect addition to any graduation party regardless of its size. Choose either a vanilla or marble cake with light buttercream icing and customize it with a special message. Wegmans graduation cake prices include additional customizations including having the bakery staff add a photograph of you and your friends to the cake’s decoration.

Wegmans Baby Shower Cakes

wegmans baby shower cakeShortly before a baby’s due date most families or close friends host a baby shower for the expectant mother. These showers are an informal party that give those who are close to the family a chance to give gifts to the baby and spend time discussing the births of their own children. Wegmans bakery cakes are a delicious edition to any party celebrating the upcoming birth of a child. Wegmans baby shower cake prices are reasonable making them a good option for those who want a high quality cake without spending a large amount of money.


Wegmans Holiday Cakes

wegmans holiday cakeWhen you are preparing for a last minute party or large family gathering during the holiday season the last thing you want to worry about is baking desserts. Instead of spending your time in the kitchen invest in one of Wegmans cakes. The best cake to purchase for holiday parties and gatherings is the Ultimate cake. These Wegmans bakery cakes are extra moist and Wegmans holiday cake prices make these delicious cakes a fantastic way to end a holiday meal. Available in mini makes and traditional round cakes these ultimate treats come in three flavors; classic carrot, velvety white, and fudgy chocolate.

How to Order

If you want to treat yourself, your family, and your friends to a quality cake at an affordable price then order one of Wegmans cakes. Visit your nearest Wegmans to complete an order form with your cake batter flavor, icing, and filling choices. Place your order at least 24 hours before you need the cake, and consider ordering two or three days in advance during the busy holiday season.