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I always love getting big, delicious cakes for various family celebrations such as birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and more. I especially enjoyed Vons Bakery cakes.

Before discovering Vons, I used to spend a lot of money on expensive cakes from designer bakeries. Eventually, I realized what I was really paying for were the elaborate decorations on the cakes.

Vons Bakery CakesSure, the cake and frosting had a pretty good flavor. But, the price just seemed so excessive for something that was going to disappear as soon as we ate it!

When I was looking for ways to find lower cost but high-quality cakes, I searched for local bakeries in my area and check out their reviews. I came across a few negative reviews about my local Vons Bakery cakes. The Vons Bakery near me is located in San Diego.

The customer complaints I found online seemed extremely petty to me.

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For example, one reviewer commented that the green leaves on the cake she ordered from Von’s Bakery were the wrong shade of green. She wanted hunter green leaves and the bakery decorated her cake with light green leaves and stems instead.

Another reviewer was from a prospective customer who complained about the bakery’s full schedule. The individual called the bakery just a day before a big “last minute” birthday party. The person reviewing Vons Bakery was angry because the bakery could not accommodate her cake order due to an already full schedule. To me, it was clear this “complaint” stemmed from a poor choice made by the prospective customer.

The bakery really was not at fault here.

Despite reading those complaints, I decided to try Vons Bakery cakes for myself!

Boy, am I glad I did! I ordered my cake over a week before I needed it for a family event. I did the ordering process over the phone and it was smooth and seamless. I clarified what I wanted on my cake and the bakery delivered! My cake was beautiful and delicious.

It was exactly what I wanted, and at a MUCH more reasonable price than I was used to paying for cakes. If you are uncertain about trying Von’s Bakery cakes, I say go for it! I was not disappointed, and I do not think you will be either!

If you would like to learn more about Von’s Bakery, be sure to check out this page about Vons Bakery.