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Valentine’s Day is just over a month away. Now is a great time to plan for your Valentine’s Day celebration with the sweetest Valentines Day cakes!

If your holiday will include a delicious cake, be sure to check out the list below for inspiration from these sweet cakes. If you find one you like, see if you can replicate it!

Sweetest Valentines Day Cake

1. Love Is Simple Cake

  1. valentines day cakes

This cake isn’t overly fancy, but that is what we like about it! This is a sweet, 3 tiered cake that is perfect for your Valentine’s Day party!

2. Won’t You Bee Mine Cake

bee mine cake

How adorable is this bumble bee Valentine’s Day cake?? It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

3. With Love Cake

valentines day cake

This fun little V-Day cake has a bit of a rustic feel with the ‘tree stump’ base. The funky, textured heart on top adds a playful video to this awesome cake.

5. Chic Modern Love Valentine’s Cake

chic cake

This chic cake looks like it belongs in a magazine. Tough the colors may not be commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, this cake still has the look and feel of this sweet holiday.

6. You’ve Won My Heart Cake

won my heart

This cake is sweet simplicity! The pops of red among the white hearts really make this cake look great.

7. 50 Shades of Valentine’s Day

50 Shades of Valentines

This cake isn’t 50 shades of gray, it’s 50 shades of Valentine’s! How neat do those blended V-Day colors look on this cake??

8. Happy Hearts Cake

Happy Hearts

Receiving a cute Valentine’s cake like this one would certainly make our hearts happy! The light blue base of this cake really contrasts with the red hearts and white pearls. We love the burst of hearts coming from the bottom of the cake!