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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a sweet day full of love, delicious treats, and time spent with the one/s you love! Valentine’s Day cakes can make the day even more special. Unless of course, you get one of the unfortunate ugly cakes we all hope we never end up with!

Today, we have created a list of some seriously funny yet cringe-worthy Valentines Day cake fails! While it looks like most cake creators put some effort into creating these cakes, it would seem that their artistic talents are lacking…just a bit.

Valentine’s Day Cake Fails:

1 Enjoy Your V.D.

valentines day cakes

Credit: Pinterest

While we understand the sentiment they were going for here, the space constraints on this cake resulted in a VERY different message begin conveyed to the cake recipient!

“Unless of course, you get one of the unfortunate ugly cakes we all hope we never end up with!

2 Your Sweet

valentines day cake

A spell check for cakes would have come in handy here, wouldn’t it?

3 What the what?!

Valentine Cake

Credit: Cake Wrecks

We are just trying to figure out what this is and what it has to do with Valentine’s Day!

4 Celebrating Valenstine’s Day

Happy Valenstines Day

Credit: Pinterest

Another cake that would have seriously benefited from a spell checker! It’s a cute cake otherwise, but that spelling gets us every time.

5 Huge Me

Credit: Pinterest

Well, this cake totally does not convey the message they were going for.  If size matters and you are looking to send a different message, then this cake may still work for you!

6 Heart Shaped Cake

Heart Shaped Cake

Source: Cake Wrecks

This cake is a perfect example of what happens when people misunderstand one another. Instead of a heart shaped cake, you get a round cake with the words ‘Heart Shaped Cake’ inscribed across the top.

7 Holy Sh*t I Love You

holy crap

Source: Pinterest

If you ask us, we think this Valentine’s Day cake is pretty sh*tty. But hey, maybe that’s just us!