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If you have a Kitchen Aid mixer, you likely already know what an awesome product it is. Kitchen Aid mixers have many functions and uses.

They are also very durable and hold up well. If you have not already invested in one, we strongly suggest that any person who enjoys baking do so! Today, we are going to tell you the top 5 Kitchen Aid mixer attachments we think you need to own!

Kitchen Aid Mixer AttachmentsThere are currently 15 different Kitchen Aid mixer attachments you can own, but we think these are the best and most useful attachments you can own.





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Here Are The Top 5 MUST HAVE Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachments! These Things Are LIFE SAVERS!

  • The Kitchen Aid Slicer and Shredder attachment: This Kitchen Aid attachment can be used to slice your favorite fruits, cheese, and veggies into nice, thin slices. This attachment comes with a thin slice blade and a thick slice blade. Ditch your dangerous mandolin slicer for this handy attachment.
  • The Kitchen Aid Food Processor attachment: Ditch your old food processor for this helpful Kitchen Aid mixer attachment! It does everything a regular food processor does, but it requires less storage space and is a very practical attachment to own for your mixer. It can slice, dice, julienne, and more!
  • The Kitchen Aid Food Grinder attachment: This attachment is great to own because it allows you to grind fruits, meats, vegetables, cheeses, and more. This is a useful attachment for making bread crumbs, combining spread, salsas, and more. We suggest investing in the grinder attachment if you own a Kitchen AId mixer.
  • The Kitchen Aid Flex Edge Beater attachment: With this attachment, you will never have to worry about scraping the sides of the mixing bowl again. The Flex Edge Beater does just that; smoothly and evenly scrapes your batter or mixture off the sides of the bowl so everything gets incorporated quickly and efficiently.
  • The Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker attachment: One of the best Kitchen Aid mixer attachments (in our opinion) is the ice cream maker attachment! That’s right; this attachment enables you to create your own ice cream with the help of your mixer. It is simple and easy to use, and it yields an incredible product: homemade ice cream!


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