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Publix Bakery Cakes offers a variety of designs and flavors for any occasion. Moreover, bakers and decorators can create a variety of flavors. For birthdays, weddings, quinceaneras, anniversaries, and other special occasions, you can select from a wide variety of Publix Bakery Cakes at very reasonable prices. Also, you can buy their cake in person, over the phone, or online. Thus, they have the choice to view all of the designs at their local retailer, which may vary by market. Additionally, in some locations and circumstances, delivery is possible, but typically only for the biggest cake orders.
The price of a pre-decorated cake at a Publix bakery starts at around $20, though prices can vary by location.

Publix Bakery Cakes Prices

Cake TypePrice
Buttercream Iced $18.99
Cream Cheese Iced $21.99
Decadent Dessert Cake $24.99
Buttercream Iced $23.49
Cream Cheese Iced $27.49
Fudge Iced $25.49
Buttercream Iced $43.99
Cream Cheese Iced $50.99
Fudge Iced $46.99
Buttercream Iced $80.99
Cream Cheese Iced $91.99
Fudge Iced $82.99
Publix Special Edition Cakes $25.99
Publix Wedding Cakes Varies

Publix Bakery Cakes Selection

Along with a variety of floral and creative designs, character-themed cakes are available in a wide variety of styles. There are cakes for every price range. There is something suitable for commemorating even the smallest of life’s milestones among the designs of Publix cakes. You can access the entire Publix catalog online.

There are more than 240 different pre-styled design options for Publix bakery cakes. The flavors and colors of any designs that don’t feature licensed characters are changeable. They produce their licensed designs exactly as they appear in the cake catalog. They can also upgrade the icing from the standard buttercream to fudge or cream cheese frosting. Customers can anticipate paying a little bit more for the cake if they select a licensed character design. However, it does not affect the quality of your ideal cake.

Publix Bakery Wedding Cake

They produce some of the most exquisite wedding cakes. Their cake decorators take great pride in creating a cake that will wow the bride, groom, and guests. Then, Publix wedding cakes take at least four weeks’ notice, but they are well worth the wait. Simple cakes are stacked next to elaborate cakes with fondant, flowers, and other edible decorations. The groom’s cakes, with their fudgy frosting, complete the dessert table for the wedding reception. Just browsing all of the possible frosting textures and decorations will make even the toughest heart want to plan a wedding if only to indulge in one of these exquisite Publix wedding cakes.

wedding cake

Publix Bakery Birthday Cake

Given the significance of birthdays, Publix caters to even its youngest clients. With the purchase of a first birthday cake, Publix will give away a free smash cake for first birthday parties. They offer a seven-inch round birthday cake from Publix in a small quantity that feeds six to eight guests. The largest birthday cakes at Publix usually serve 75 to 80 people and are the size of a whole sheet cake. A Publix birthday cake can cost anywhere from $20 to $90, depending on its size and any special demands. Furthermore, all birthday cakes must be ordered at least a day before the pick-up date. It is advised that clients who select licensed cakes allow more time.

publix bakery cakes birthday cake

Publix Bakery Baby Shower Cake

The baby shower cake selections at Publix are varied. Customers can select from traditional and straightforward baby block patterns. Although a cake in the shape of a “baby bump” offers something a bit more daring. This unique cake always brings a smile to everyone’s face. The well-known gender-reveal cake from Publix starts at about $27. Furthermore, given that the Publix “baby bump” cake can cost up to $80, there is a broad variety in prices. Although there may not be many delivery alternatives, each store manages this on a case-by-case basis.

publix bakery cakes baby shower cake

Ordering Process

Customers can get cakes online from Publix. This makes the process as a whole highly practical. Cake orders can still be placed over the phone or in person, albeit not everyone feels as comfortable doing so. Giving most cakes at least 24 hours advance notice is crucial. Moreover, a minimum of four weeks before to the major event, larger cakes or those with more intricate patterns, such as those presented at a wedding, should be bought.

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