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Throwing a themed birthday party is a really fun experience. Let the theme carry you as far as you’d like, including having themed decorations, party games, attire, and even a themed cake. Getting all this together may seem a little stressful at the time, but it will be well worth it when you see the look of delight on the face of the birthday child.

Amidst all your planning, there’s no reason why getting the perfect themed cake should be in any way stressful. Especially if that theme is Pokémon—there are so many wonderful and creative ways to create a Pokémon cake, both in a professional bakery and at home.

Keep reading to find that inspiration you’ve been looking for in the form of Pokémon cakes that are certain to be the hit of the party.

Adorable (and Easy!) Cakes to Make at Home


Getting a cake professionally done is convenient and you’ll be sure to be happy with the outcome, but depending where you go these can quickly get pricey. Luckily, there are tons of easy ways out there for you to make a stunning Pokémon-themed cake right in your own kitchen.

What You’ll Need

Aside from all the standard ingredients for the cake and icing, there are a few other pieces of equipment that you’ll need to have ready in your kitchen to make the ultimate at-home Pokémon cakes.

For starters, you’ll need the proper pans. A simple sheet pan is great if you’ll be creating a large landscape, but for most of the ideas described here you’ll need either a round cake pan or two half-sphere pans. For tiered cakes, you’ll want pans in multiple sizes.

You’ll also want to have some wax paper on hand—lining the pans with wax paper will make the cakes much easier to remove. Additionally, a flat surface to place your cake once it’s out of the pan will be needed.

For many of these cakes you’ll also want to invest in some fondant—a thick fondant that is moldable like clay and perfect for shaping. You can make your own fondant, though this can sometimes be a bit tricky and time-consuming if you don’t have any prior experience. Thus, it may be easier to pick some up in-store.

Once you have all your equipment and supplies in order, it’s time to get down to baking!

Find Inspiration in Pokéballs


Pokéballs provide a great source of inspiration for Pokémon cakes. These spherical cakes are sure to impress, and while they may look complicated, making one yourself is surprisingly easy.

Using two same-sized half-sphere cake pans, bake your cake mix for however long is required. Once the two have are finished baking, allow some time to cool.

You’ll need to attach the two halves of the sphere, of course. You’ll first need to insert dowels for support—insert into the designated “bottom half” of the cake. Next line the flat surface of the bottom half with icing and then place the other on top, allowing the dowels to be inserted into the other half of the cake. Then leave time for the icing to set and stick.

For more detailed instructions on how to make a spherical cake, check out these helpful tips and instructions from Veena Azmanov.

Once you have your spherical cake perfectly formed, it’s time to get to the fun part—decorating!

This is when fondant becomes important. For this classic design, you’ll need three base colors—black, red, and white. The design of the pokéball is relatively simplistic: red on the top half, white on the bottom, with a band of black stretching across the middle and white circle in its center.

Carefully measure out your fondant and roll it out, being careful to make sure that you don’t make it too thin or flimsy and prone to tearing. Then simply mold around the cake, taking care of the dimensions and smoothing out any creases. We recommend looking at a picture throughout the duration to make sure you get the design exactly right.

If you want to play with the dimensions, you can slightly hollow out the outer layer of cake where the black strip will be placed, creating a more three-dimensional feel to the cake.

Soon you’ll have brought the classic pokéball to life, ready to impress everyone at the party.

Character and Landscape Cakes

Of course, pokéballs aren’t the only form of inspiration your at-home baking can take. Character and landscape cakes are also a fun way to show off your baking skills.

You can create a Pikachu-themed cake pretty easily through use of just one round cake pan. Naturally, the main color of fondant you’ll need for this cake is yellow, though you’ll also want some black, red, and white for facial features and other details.

To make an adorable Pikachu cake, simply cover your circular cake in a smooth layer of yellow fondant and create the facial features using the other colors. A thick layer of more yellow fondant can be used to create the ears and even a tale. Then, presto! One Pikachu cake ready to go.

You can also use this same method to create your child’s other favorite Pokémon characters, such as Charizard or Squirtle. You can even combine ideas and create a multi-tiered character cake, or one that incorporate a pokéball design.

As for landscape cakes, these flat rectangular cakes are simple to make but provide a lot of room for creativity. Try using green and blue fondant to create a grassy nature-themed terrain, accented with character and pokéball creations along with a custom message.

Take it to a Smaller Scale with Cupcakes


Cupcakes are another great way to express your creativity on a smaller scale. Though skilled icing designs are not out of the realm of possibility, there are wonders you can do with cupcakes and fondant.

Simply make cupcakes just as you usually would, complete with frosting. Then create fun fondant toppers—just cut out a circle of the base color roughly the size of the cupcake and accent it from there. Fun designs include those outlined above—pokéballs, Pikachu, or any other type of Pokémon.

Once your designs are ready to go, simply place them on the top of cupcake. These 2-D creations add a level of incredible detail and personality to each individual cupcake.

Pokémon Cake Ideas to Take to the Professionals

Of course, going to a professional opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the cake realm. Not only do professional bakers have the proper skills, they also have the equipment and know-how to create cakes you could barely fathom in your wildest dreams.

Professional Pokémon cakes are especially sought out when the desired cake is the entire form of a Pokémon. For example, rather than an altered Pikachu head, you might want a regularly proportioned Pikachu in full-body form—it’s amazing how lifelike and accurate cake artists can make their subjects.

Other full-body form Pokémon serve as popular inspiration for cakes, such as Squirtle, Charmander, Dratini, Eevee, and Jigglypuff. Of course, with custom cakes you can choose and Pokémon as a form of inspiration.

Your cake will wind up being so realistic and adorable that you might even feel a little guilty cutting into it.

If You’re in a Hurry…

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to either make your own specialty cake or place an order at the local bakery several days (or even more) in advance. But never fear! You can still pull-off that Pokémon-themed birthday party with ease.

While you may not have the time to get a Pokémon-themed cake, you can still dress up your standard cakes and cupcakes with decorations specifically designed for just this type of situation.

Plastic decorations are frequently found on cupcakes, and there’s no reason they can’t grace a regular cake as well. To find these themed add-ons, simply swing by your local party store—Pokémon is a fairly popular theme and they should have something.

Also, check out this Pokémon-themed candle set. These candles are attached to plastic decorations that hold images of some of the most popular Pokémon, thus serving a 2-in-1 purpose.

Throw a Pokémon-Themed Birthday Party to Impress the Ages

Pokémon-Themed Birthday Party to Impress the Ages

Now that you’ve finally settled on a cake idea, don’t forget everything else that will help make this party memorable!

A few key decorations can go a long way. Specialty Pokémon balloons are a great way to go—they’re festive and don’t cost that much for a whole bunch of them. You can either blow them up yourself or rent a helium tank. To get a little bit of help with the balloons, try enlisting your children and their friends to blow up the balloons as part of a fun party game.

Another simple and easy touch is to provide themed plates and cutlery—you’ll need them anyway, so may as well keep them festive!

Between the decorations and the ultimate Pokémon cake, you’re sure to throw a party for the ages.

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