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The new year 2017 is here! That also means playoff season is here for all you NFL football fans out there. Just in time for NFL playoffs season to begin, we have gathered up a list of the best NFL football cakes and cupcakes you can use as inspiration to make treats that represent your favorite playoff team. Look no further for inspiration for NFL football birthday cakes inspired by those teams who have made it to the playoffs.

“…you may want to consider contacting a local bakery to prepare your NFL cupcakes and cakes for you instead.”

We have inspiration for a Steelers cake and cupcakes, Patriots cake, Raiders cake and cupcakes, Dallas Cowboys cake and cupcakes, Seahawks cake and cupcakes, Green Bay Packers cake and cupcakes, and more!

If you think you can tackle (no pun intended!) these cakes and cupcakes, give them a try for yourself!

If you don’t think you are up to the challenge, you may want to consider contacting a local bakery to prepare your NFL cupcakes and cakes for you instead.

Visit the front page of our website to see a price list for local bakeries in your area. If you are going to attempt to replicate these cakes or cupcakes, we will provide some links to help you find the supplies you need.

Now, check out these NFL football cakes and cupcakes!

NFL Football Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes For 2017 Playoffs

1. Patriots Cake

patriots cake

How cool is this Patriots cake? We like how this cake encompasses various aspects of the game- from the field itself to the Pat’s mascot, the jersey, and the football (which is hopefully NOT deflated) :)!

2. Patriots Cupcakes

football birthday cakes

To decorate the edges of your cupcake like the ones you see here, check out these red, white, and blue nonpareils that you can purchase from Amazon.

3. Steelers Cake

steelers cake

What an exciting Steelers cake! The stars, helmet, and football really add a fun feel to this cake. To help you create a cake like this, you will need some black fondant such as the kind we are linking to here that can be purchased directly from Amazon.

4. Here We Go Steelers Cupcakes

football birthday cakes

What says “Here We Go Steelers” like cupcakes that literally read that message?! We like how these cupcakes are simple (and look totally delicious), yet they fully encompass the spirit of the Steelers.

5. Chiefs Stadium Cake

football birthday cakes

The only word to accurately describe this stadium cake is: AMAZING. Granted, a good part of it was most likely not constructed out of cake, but still. It is quite a cake! It seems like it would be difficult to replicate, but if you are up to the challenge go for it!

6. Chiefs Cupcakes

Loving the variety shown in these Kansas City Chief cupcakes! To recreate the solid red sprinkled look, check out this red sugar that is available on Amazon.

7. Dallas Cowboys Cake and Cupcakes

football birthday cakes

Check out this Cowboys cake and cupcake set! This is a great option for a birthday party (or super bowl party!) We love how cohesive these Cowboys desserts look next to one another.

8. Falcons Cupcakes

How fun are these Falcons cupcakes? If the fondant footballs seem difficult to replicate, be sure to check out this cute and handy sports cake decorating kit that is available on Amazon.

9. Falcons Cake

Amazing, amazing Falcons cake! There is so much color and movement to this cake.

12. Raiders Cake

football birthday cakes

13. Raiders Cupcakes

football birthday cakes