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Did you know that you can make delicious desserts without eggs? It’s true! Baking without eggs is a real option.

Some people bake without eggs due to allergies, dietary concerns, or other health issues. Others opt out of baking with eggs due to ethical concerns. Whatever the reason some individuals are choosing to make meals and desserts without eggs.

Baking Without Eggs

When talking about egg free desserts and other egg free meals, it is important to first understand the purpose of eggs in cooking. Eggs help with the flavor of your food, they provide moisture, they help to bind ingredients and give your foods a solid structure, and more. There are multiple possibilities when it comes to egg substitutes.

Source: Huffington Post

You should base your substitution decision on what you are making.

Flax Seed Benefits

For example, flaxseed meal works very well as an egg replacement in cakes. It is simple and easy to use as an egg replacement. However, the flaxseed meal is fairly visible in light colored cakes and dishes which may or may not be a problem for you.

Another egg replacement option is tofu. Tofu has little flavor and makes cakes and baked goods denser and very moist. If you don’t mind a somewhat denser end result, tofu might be the ideal egg substitute for you.


Another alternative to eggs is applesauce. This makes a great alternative, but it does result in somewhat gummy-textured cakes and baked goods. Depending upon the base flavor of your cake, baked good, or meal, you may be able to detect the applesauce flavor in the food. If this is not an issue for you, then applesauce might be a good alternative.

A final option is chia seeds that have been mixed with water to create what is sometimes called a ‘chia egg.’ The chia seeds create a somewhat gooey yet seedy texture, which may be unappetizing to some.