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What is better than a delicious piece of fresh cake? Very little (if anything)! One of the worst things you can do to a delicious cake is to freeze it improperly. When you do not take the time to properly freeze a cake, you will get a freezer burnt, flavorless cake. Did you know that in addition to freezing cake to preserve it you can freeze a cake to make decorating easier?

Freezing Cake

It’s true!

When you freeze a cake before you decorate it, you can minimize the number of crumbs and crumbling you encounter as you decorate your cake! Freezing cake is also said to keep cakes delicious and moist (though not all bakers agree with this claim).

The same is said to be true when freezing cupcakes.

How to Freeze a Cake:

Allow each layer of your cake to thoroughly cool on a wire rack. Then, wrap each cake layer in 2 pieces of plastic wrap. After that, wrap aluminum foil around each cake layer that has been wrapped in plastic wrap. Finally, place each fully wrapped cake layer in a Ziploc bag and gently squeeze out any excess air. If you dirty ice or crumb coat your cake before you freeze it, you will notice beads of condensation all over your cake when you allow it to thaw out.

“…in addition to freezing cake to preserve it you can freeze a cake to make decorating easier…”

How to Defrost Cake:

To defrost your cake, simply take your cake out of the freezer and allow it to partially thaw out while it is still wrapped up. Next, remove all the plastic and foil layers and allow the cake layers to continue thawing. If you wish to level the cake, be sure to do it before it thaws out completely to minimize crumbs. After that, you can add your crumb coat and pop the cake back in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes.