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If you are a member of a Costco Wholesale Club, you should definitely be taking advantage of their in-warehouse bakery if you are not already! Costco birthday cakes are extremely affordable.

The Costco cake designs are fun and festive, and there are a variety of them to choose from. Today, we are going to show you some of the Costco cakes you can choose from for that next birthday!

Need more information about purchasing a cake from Costco? Check out their prices here

Remember, if you want to order a cake from Costco you must fill out a Costco cake order form.

Costco birthday cakes:


Source: Pinterest

Sunshiny Day Cake

This adorable Costco cake features a bright sunshine, pretty, smiling flowers, two bumble bees, and your customized birthday message! You should be given the choice of chocolate or vanilla frosting.

Source: CakeDesign

Precious Princess Cake

This Costco sheet cake is perfect for any sweet little princess! It features a princess crown, a shooting star, and your personalized birthday message! The base icing flavor/color can be vanilla or chocolate.

Source: Kosbook

Birthday Balloon Cake

How fun is this balloon themed birthday cake? This cake displays a bunch of balloons in various colors, rainbow sprinkles, and a birthday message. You can get the cake in chocolate or vanilla, and you can request the colors of the balloons be changed to suit your taste.


Source: Pinterest

Dashing Dinosaur Cake

Any dinosaur lover will be happy to have this cute and delicious dinosaur cake for his/her birthday! This cake features a fun, smiling dinosaur and your special birthday message! The frosting can be either chocolate or vanilla.


Source: Pinterest

Smiling Clown Cake

You can’t help but smile when you see this adorable clown cake from Costco! You can choose from a vanilla or chocolate frosting base. The cake features a happy clown holding onto a balloon alongside your customized message.


Cutie Caterpillar Cake

Another awesome birthday cake option from Costco, this adorable caterpillar can have it’s colors changed to suit a girl’s or boy’s birthday party! The base frosting can be vanilla or chocolate.