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Sick of the same boring cakes again and again?

Your bridal shower deserves so much better!

Why try stepping out of your comfort zone and using a different baker?

Some bakers have an incredible, natural talent when it comes to baking and decorating cakes.

Some are so skilled that their cakes look nothing like cakes and everything like the object or person they are trying to recreate with cake as their medium!

Skilled bakers are capable of making amazing cakes for any occasion. One of the most exciting occasions for which you might need a cake is a wedding!

Today, we provide you with a list of the very best, most skilled bakers located in the United States who are known for their truly remarkable bridal shower cakes and wedding cakes!

Here Are 4 Bakers To Follow For Dream Bridal Shower Cakes + Wedding Cakes


Beaux Gateaux

Photo Credit: Beaux Gateaux

Beaux Gateaux

Beaux Gateaux is an incredible bakery located in San Francisco.

This bakery is known for its unique and delicious cakes. Their specialty is white chocolate cakes with intricate designs, fruits and other decorations made from chocolate, marzipan decorations, and more.

Their cakes start a $8 per serving for buttercream and $10 per serving for white chocolate, fondant or marzipan enrobed cakes which serve 100 people or more.


Superfine Bakery

Source: Superfine

Superfine Bakery

Superfine is a renowned bakery located in North Hollywood/Burbank.

This bakery is known for custom cakes made from pure ingredients.

The bakers of Superfine are inspired by fashion, nature, architecture, and other elements in the world around them. Just take one look at your cakes and you will see these influences in their amazing cakes.


The Butter End

The Butter End

The Butter End’s cakes are beloved, especially by those who like the finished look fondant gives a cake but do not like the taste!

The Butter End uses thinly rolled chocolate in place of traditional fondant.

This has proven to be a smashing hit with customers! They also use natural, locally sourced ingredients in their cakes. They have a variety of original cake flavor combinations for you to choose from.


Sweet And Saucy

Photo Credit: Sweet and Saucy Shop

Sweet and Saucy Shop

People go CRAZY for cakes made at this Long Beach bakery.

If fact, it’s become something of an institution.

In addition to selling jaw-droppingly beautiful cakes that taste equally delicious, they are also known for their other delectable pastries. Some of these pastry items include cake lollipops, cupcakes, sugar cookies, french macarons, and more!

If you are looking for special bridal shower cakes or wedding cakes, the Sweet and Saucy shop might just be the ideal bakery for you!