Why Convert a Cheap Pre-Made Cake?

Save time and money by turning an inexpensive, pre-made cake into a gorgeous celebration cake perfect for any occasion.

Easiest Way To Make a Perfect Cake

We all wish that we had the time and skill to bake flawless, homemade cakes. Most of us are too busy for a long baking project, but we still want that gorgeous celebration cake. What can we do? 

The best way to quickly make a perfect party cake is to transform a store-bought cake using a few simple techniques. Storebought cakes can easily go from boring and basic to complete dessert masterpieces. Once you learn how to make a grocery store cake prettier, you may never want to bake a cake from scratch ever again!

Decorated cake

Why Convert a Grocery Store Cake?

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of upgrading a grocery store cake rather than making cakes from scratch. There are actually quite a few reasons why buying a grocery store cake and making it fancy is the best way to “bake.”

  • It’s cheaper

    Grocery store cakes only cost a few bucks, and they are completely baked and decorated. When you add up the cost of ingredients plus the time it will take for you to bake, cool, and decorate a cake, you will see that grocery store cakes are a real bargain. You will save time and money by starting with a store-bought cake.

  • They are convenient

    Pretty much every grocery store sells pre-made cakes. You can go into any big box store or small local grocery store and find a cake, ready to go. They are the perfect last minute option.

  • Pre-made cake tastes good

    When you buy a pre-made cake, you know it will taste just fine. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, and you can rest assured that the flavors will be strong and delicious. Grocery store cakes are designed to please everyone!

  • Super fresh

    Grocery stores sell a lot of cakes, which means they are constantly being baked and replenished. Most grocery store cakes will have a sell-by date right on the box so you know that they are fresh. No stale cakes here!

  • Blank Slate

    Most grocery store cakes are minimally decorated. They have simple toppings that you can easily remove or work with to create your own stunning masterpiece. You can get as creative as you wish!

  • Just decorate

    Not all of us love to bake. Sometimes, we just want to decorate! You can skip the entire baking process and just do the fun decorations when you buy a pre-made cake.

Are Grocery Store Cakes Good?

You may question the flavor and taste when you think of a pre-made cake. Don’t worry! Most grocery store cakes taste pretty darn good. They are often made with a simple cake mix, so you know the flavor will be consistent every time you buy a cake. 

If you get into the habit of transforming grocery store cakes, you can try a few different pre-made cakes and find your favorite. Every cake will be a little different, so find one that you love. Since most stores use the same cake mixes every time, you will always get the same quality cake to decorate and make your own.

Cake on a store

Can I Decorate a Grocery Store Cake?

This is the biggest question that we want to tackle today. The simple answer is yes! You can easily decorate a grocery store cake and make it into something spectacular. Pre-made cakes tend to have simple, basic decorations. They are purposely made simple so that they fit every occasion and event. That clean, blank slate is exactly what you want! It will also help you to get creative and easily add your own flair to the cake.

How to Decorate a Store-Bought Cake

There are so many easy ways to decorate a store-bought cake, but we have a few tips and tricks for you to try.

1. Add fresh fruit

Adding fresh fruit is a quick and easy way to upgrade a pre-made cake. Use a variety of colored fruits to add extra visual appeal. Whole berries are the easiest topping and always look elegant and beautiful. Don’t forget to consider the flavor of the cake when choosing a fruit topping. You want your decorative fruit to match the flavor of the cake.

2. Add sprinkles

Sprinkles instantly make a boring cake look more fun. There are tons of different colored sprinkles out there, so you can quickly match your sprinkle decorations to your party theme. It is very easy to press sprinkles on to the sides of a pre-made cake of just quickly toss a few on top.

3. Edible Flowers

A cake covered in edible flowers will look stunning. They add an instant elegance that will look like something out of a magazine, not a grocery store! Use rose petals, hibiscus flowers, nasturtiums, or lavender. You can use many different types of edible flowers to get the look you want.

4. Add Cookies

Grab a pack of cookies in the grocery store when you pick up your cake. Cut them in half or leave them whole and add them to the top of your cake. You can even cover the sides of your cake in cookies for an extra mouth-watering look! This is an easy cake decoration that also tastes fantastic.

5. Candy

Using candy to upgrade a cake is one of the best and easiest ideas. There are so many different types of candy that will add color and flavor to your pre-made cake. Add the candy to the top of the cake, the side of the cake or make an entire kit-kat border around your cake. Go crazy with the candy! You can never have too much.

6. Extra Frosting

Grab a can of frosting at the grocery store to use on your pre-made cake. You can pipe more, decorative frosting, or use it to write on the top of the cake. Frosting decorations are pretty easy and also quite tasty.

7. Remove Frosting

On the other hand, you could choose to scrape off some of the frosting on the pre-made cake. This will turn a pre-made cake into a naked cake! Naked cakes are pretty trendy right now and super easy to make.

8. Add chocolate

A chocolate ganache drizzle is elegant, easy and tasty. You could also just top your store-bought cake with some chocolate chips or chocolate shavings. Who doesn’t love more chocolate?

9. Double Stack

Instead of buying just one pre-made cake, get two and stack them on top of each other. A super tall cake looks incredibly fancy, and no one will guess that it came from a grocery store.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating a pre-made cake. It may be hard to choose which of these fantastic techniques you want to use!

Converting a Pre-Made Cake

There are so many reasons to grab a pre-made cake and turn it into a unique, beautiful party centerpiece. You will save time and money and still have a little bit of fun as you get creative with the decorations. Pre-made cakes may just be your new favorite dessert!

Remember to send us your pictures when you’re done. We love to see a stunning transformation of a pre-made cake.

Amanda Bochain
Author: Amanda Bochain

Amanda is a professional pastry chef with a bachelor’s degree from The Culinary Institute of America. She has worked in the hospitality field for over 18 years including owning and operating a bakery cafe that specializes in wedding cakes. Amanda loves baking new, healthy foods for her family (in addition to lots of desserts!) She loves gardening, running and watching her daughters on the lacrosse field. She has three kids, ages 9, 6 and 3, who are her official recipe taste testers.

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