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It’s surprising how little you worry about the tiniest details of planning your wedding until you are faced with the planning process head on. One of the most surprisingly difficult choices for couples to make is that of the wedding cake topper.

A cake topper is, of course, the figuring or centerpiece of the wedding cake. Most of us don’t put any thought into what the perfect cake topper will be until time comes to actually select one. Then, it is easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the crazy number of options that are available.

The Tradition of the Cake Topper

Wedding cake toppers became a symbol of togetherness and family during the 40s and 50s. The tradition started as a sort of trend during that time. Back then, the idea was that the topper would be passed down and used on wedding cakes for your children, grandchildren, and so forth.

From that simple and sweet idea, an industry grew. Today, the cake topper has shifted from an idea to celebrate family and lineage to a tradition of exhibiting the newlywed’s most unique characteristics or style.  There are a number of designs on the market ranging from classic and elegant to fun and playful.

What Makes the Best Wedding Cake Topper?

The best wedding cake toppers are those that celebrate the life of the happy couple. They should be a perfect statement about what makes the relationship and the couple in question special.

When shopping for a wedding cake topper, don’t let the stress of the moment overwhelm you. This is a fun selection process and you should enjoy every moment of it!

Twenty Best Wedding Cake Toppers

There are thousands of different wedding cake topper ideas to choose from. If you are in the process of choosing the perfect cake topper, you are likely looking for inspiration from this article about what cake topper might best fit the feel of your big day.

Below, we will discuss some of our favorite wedding cake topper designs.

1. Greenery

Using greenery as a wedding cake topper is just one way to incorporate the freshness of nature into your wedding day. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, a greenery top to your cake is a perfect accent on the already beautiful scenery.

Greenery also makes a fairly inexpensive choice for a wedding cake topper. There are various places online where greenery can be purchased in bulk, making it easy and thrifty to use the same foliage throughout your décor and arrangements. This common thread throughout the ceremony will add a bit of extra elegance to the event.

2 – Fairytale Figures

Your wedding day will be the day you get your happily ever after. Why not mark this occasion with a symbolic fairy tale cake topper to make that message loud and clear to all of your guests?

Cinderella’s slippers, the kiss that wakes Aurora, and the warmth of the Beast softening to Belle are all popular symbols of the way love can completely change our lives. If you’re a fan of fairytales and you have found your Prince (or Princess), then let your guests know with this simple, sweet added detail to the day.

As a bonus, the kids in attendance will also be thrilled for their favorite character’s cameo appearance.

3 – Candles

A single candle or a pair of candles that are lit and emitting a soft, glowing light – can you picture it? It’s a beautiful, elegant, and classy visage that would match any wedding ceremony. You can use these candles as a topper on your wedding cake.

This look would be especially beautiful at a night-time wedding or a wedding in a rustic location or old church.  Pair the look with feathers, pearls, and a tastefully cut gown to complete the feel and look of the event.

4 – Dinosaur Toppers

This is one of our favorite new trends in cake toppers. Dinosaur toppers have picked up steam in recent years due largely in part to the current bridal generation’s love of childhood throwbacks. We have seen pop rock frosting, plastic dinosaurs in bridal attire, and pizza receptions all become popular fun touches to the otherwise stuffy classically sterile events.

This is a great way to show your guests that it’s okay to cut loose and have fun while celebrating the playfulness that makes your relationship unique.

5 – Wooden Cutouts

Wooden cutouts are thin pieces of wood that are laser cut into any shape you wish. They make a beautiful topper for a barn or woodsy wedding. The wood can be cut with a favorite quote, your newly shared last name, or even a picture of the two of you. The possibilities are pretty endless!

While this is definitely a trending design of the times, it is not one that is likely to fizzle out anytime soon. As the rustic look comes back into vogue, it seems to have more staying power than ever before. We have to admit, this is pretty exciting for us.

6 – Sentimental Symbols

Where did you meet your spouse-to-be? Was it at a beautiful park on a shared bench? Did you spill a cup of coffee on him accidentally while trying to navigate a crowded coffee shop? Did you play the same online game?

Odds are, there’s a sentimental symbol in your relationship that is waiting to be acknowledged. Was your first date to a zoo? Did she propose at the ballet?

If there’s a special part of your relationship that you want to share, feel free to find something symbolic of that and use it in lieu of the traditional bride and groom as a cake topper at your wedding. It will give you an opportunity to tell your story to your guests and keep them smiling and re-telling the story for years to come.

7 – Name Banners

A simple ribbon banner with some poke in posts can make a beautiful topper. Perhaps you can add both your first names or your new shared last name and the date. The possibilities of what can be printed on the banner are only limited by your creativity, so don’t be afraid to put a lot of thought into this one. It’s a fun topper that won’t risk weighing down your cake or causing it to topple. It is also often an inexpensive choice.

8 – Fruit Tops

There are two kinds of people in this world- those that like fruit and those that really, really like fruit. If you are of the latter category, you might consider an edible cake topper instead of a traditional souvenir style.

While having a keepsake of the day is nice, there is really no set-in-stone tradition or rule that says you have to have one. If you want to offer a healthier choice than cake to your guests, fruit skewers poked into the tiers of the cake are a beautiful and considerate option.

9 – Candied Floral Topper

Sticking with the theme of edible cake toppers, you might even want to consider having some of your floral bouquet flowers candied for the top of your cake. The candying process of flowers is not complicated, but is a fast growing craze in the United States.

The flowers will be firm and have a glittery look to them as they rest at the top of the cake. The best part? They will also be completely edible with a sweet crunch and a pleasant, perfumed aftertaste that cannot be matched.

10 – Unique Custom Figurines

There are a number of artists with online storefronts that specialize in creating cake toppers that are unique to the individual couples that order them. You can have a topper created that is a perfect replica of you and your significant other. You can have replicas made of your pets, too, if you’d rather or an offbeat cartoon character or anything else you can imagine.

Once you have settled on a theme for your wedding, you might be surprised that the perfect idea for a wedding cake topper comes springing to mind. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find it – we promise someone somewhere will be more than happy to make it for you.

11 –Heirloom Figurines

Why not stick with the old idea of letting the heirloom figurine stand? Check with your parents and grandparents, as well as the in-laws. Does anyone in the family still have their topper? Would they let you use the same one for your event?

Chances are, they’d be thrilled to loan it to you. It also is a very sweet sentiment that lets the family know you appreciate them for coming and showing support of your love and vows to one another. Not to mention it’s a great reminder to you of the timelessness of true love.

12 – Sparklers on Top

This is a great idea for an outdoor, night time wedding. Using sparklers as the toppers of the cake can make for stunning cake cutting pictures as well as show off a fun, outdoor summertime theme for your wedding and future together. After cutting the cake, break out the rest of the sparklers for the kids (and kids at heart) in attendance.

13 – Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are a pretty timeless symbol of marriage and the exchange of vows. There are a lot of toppers on the market that feature bells if showing people or other symbols isn’t for you.

You might even choose to use real bells, which can later be set on a nearby table and rung by guests to signal that it’s time for the happy couple to share a kiss.

14 – Flags

Are you and your honey from the same place, or did you grow up in separate worlds? Are you a member of the LGBTQ community? Do you both really like Harry Potter? There are a number of flags that can be used to display your pride in whatever or to express a sentiment about time you’ve spent apart.

15 – The “&” Sign

This one is so simply beautiful that we couldn’t just overlook it. A simple “&” symbol says so much without really saying anything at all. It’s an expression of love and excitement for the idea of being a union.

This is something your loved ones will be happy to celebrate with you.

16 – Copper Declarations

Much like the wood cut outs, there are some copper wire toppers that are made by creative artists that can add some fun to your wedding cake topper. The wire is twisted into cursive-type writing that can say your last name, words like “Love” or “I do,” or even a simple “Congrats.”

These are great decorations for more modern chic weddings. Against the backdrop of brick or brass tiling, this topper would be an absolutely gorgeous part of any wedding photo.

17 – Fairy Lights

These tiny lights can be used for so many purposes on your wedding day. You can use them in table centerpieces, your bouquet, the bride’s hair or dress, and even as a wedding cake topper. Especially in weddings that are occurring at night or after dark, these lights will create a whimsical and fun, festive aura for the ceremony and reception.

18 – Geode Toppers

Who doesn’t love a pretty rock? A geode slice that conforms to your wedding colors is a classy way to add a splash of décor to the wedding cake. The bride can buy matching earrings or other jewelry to carry the look of the geode through into the ceremony, if she wishes.

This is an obvious choice for outdoorsmen or those that are interested in making a statement that falls a little out of the ordinary without looking immature or childish.

19 – Whimsical Animals

Whimsical animals are a fun alternative to the topper on a wedding cake. This is especially true if you are getting married in a zoo, on a farm, or having an outdoor wedding among nature and wildlife. You might also use this type of cake topper if you are having one of the newly popular “pet-friendly” ceremonies.

20 – Peg Dolls

Peg dolls are inexpensive and adorable. They are also lightweight and can be painted or decorated to match any décor or to look like anyone. A cute peg doll representation of the married couple is a fun and playful way to celebrate them without getting too ridiculous, as some might fear with other alternatives like a dinosaur topper.

As a bonus and a follow-through, you can use blank peg dolls and markers as your table centerpieces and let your guests create their own self-portrait in pressed wood form. This will be a fun activity for the kids in attendance as well as the adults.

Congratulations on Your Wedding! Make it as Unique as You!

We hope you have found inspiration from our list of favorite wedding cake toppers. We have covered a variety of designs that are drawn from a wide range of varying styles and traditions

Remember that the cake topper isn’t just about one day. Many people choose to display their cake toppers in their homes for years after the wedding, so pick something that will bring you joy every time you see it. It will be an everyday reminder of the joy you felt when you exchanged vows with your partner and, if picked wisely, could be your best conversation starter with guests.

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