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Waitrose Cakes Prices in 2022

The original name of it was Waite, Rose, & Taylor. Waitrose is a British supermarket chain that was founded in 1904.  It has over 300 locations throughout Great Britain Waitrose. Also, it is currently the largest chain of employee-owned stores in the United Kingdom.  In the 1980s it became the first major supermarket to offer organic food to its clients. So, just a few years after expanding its market to include fresh meat, fish, and cheeses.  Waitrose offers a variety of baked goods. You can order it online. Also, they can deliver it to your home or place of business. The table below are the estimated prices for Waitrose cakes.

Waitrose Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet£20.00
1/2 Sheet£15.00
1/4 Sheet£12.00
1/8 Sheet£10.00
Round Cakes
8" Single Layer£8.00
8" Double Layer£18.00
Cupcake Cakes
12 Count£12.00
24 Count£24.00
Wedding Cakes
2 Tier£25.00
3 Tier£40.00

Waitrose Birthday Cakes

Waitrose Birthday CakesCelebrating the birthday of a child is a major event in most families with the highlight being a birthday party.  After inviting friends, classmates, and other family members it is important that you order a cake that is large enough to serve all guests.  Also, the cake should have a decoration that pleases the guest of honor.  Waitrose cakes come in a variety of kid-friendly designs. It is perfect for child birthday parties.  Featuring popular Disney characters, Marvel comic heroes, and the characters of children’s shows like Peppa Pig. And so, a Waitrose cake will impress your guests and delight the birthday boy or girl.

Waitrose Baby Shower Cakes

Waitrose birthday CakesAfter sending invitations and choosing a theme ordering the cake is the most important step in planning a baby shower.  The guests of a traditional baby shower expect to have a cake. Finding a cake with the perfect baby-themed décor can be time-consuming.  Waitrose cakes come in a variety of decorations that are perfect for a baby shower.  Popular options include pale pink or light blue cakes. So, it is decorated with either flowers or sports equipment.  Cakes are decorated like presents that include congratulations messages. It is also a perfect option for baby showers.

Waitrose Graduation Cakes

When the time comes to send a student off to college one way to celebrate and show how proud you are of the student’s achievement is to host a graduation party or dinner.  Theme graduation parties are popular. And also, ultimately celebrate life and various achievements. So, by sharing pictures, awards, and highlights of their high school career.  Ending the meal with a personalized cake. It will show the graduate how much you and your family care about their triumph.

Waitrose Birthday Cakes

Regardless of the budget of your wedding, a Waitrose cake is an affordable option that will impress your guests without breaking your budget.  It is available in two or three tiers. The average Waitrose cake is perfect for a small or medium-sized celebration.  They can decorate it beautifully. You can order it with only a few days’ notice. Also, larger sheet cakes are available if you are planning a large reception.

How To Order?

Waitrose has made ordering cakes for any occasion easy by creating an online marketplace that is easy to navigate.  You can place your order for delivery within the United Kingdom.  Waitrose cakes can also be ordered at your nearest Waitrose location. So, either by calling the store or by stopping by in person.

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