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Remember that disastrous birthday party you threw last year??

That uninspired Spongebob cake ended up looking like a yellow brick – talk about a cake fail!

Look. Don’t beat yourself up too much – after all, you aren’t a baker.

Plus, this year will be better. This year, you aren’t just going to ‘wing it’.

This year, you have us in your corner with a plethora of incredible cake designs to take to your favorite bakery, Von’s.

Vons Birthday Cakes: Where The Coolest Ideas For Bday Cakes Are And How To Get Them!

If you’re looking for a special cake for an upcoming birthday, you’ve come to the right place. Look no further than this list!

We have gathered a list of awesome cake designs that wold be perfect for any birthday celebration.

Not feeling up to creating your own cake? No judging! There’s a reason you didn’t become a baker. Simply visit a Von’s bakery near you and ask them to prepare one of these beautiful designs.

We highly recommend Vons Bakery (if you have one near you). Vons birthday cakes are of excellent quality. If you check this page, you’ll see just what a great value they offer.

We suggest showing the cake inspiration to bakers at a Vons bakery near you. Allow the pros to recreate it for you! That means less mess and hassle for you.

Do You Have Questions About VONS?

This is a MUST SEE comprehensive guide

Discover Why Vons Bakery Is YOUR BEST Option For A Birthday Cake



Rainbow Dots

Vons Birthday Cakes

Source: Flickr

Dazzling Rainbow Dots Cake

How cool is this rain dots spiral cake? We love the ombre rainbow color effect on this cake! We think this would make a great birthday cake for any color-loving person!


Pudgy Little Penguin

penguin cake

Source: AllWomensTalk

Pudgy Penguin Cake

We love this fun little penguin cake and we think you will too! It could make a great birthday cake for a child, or even for an adult who is a big fan of penguins! This is definitely a unique and fun birthday cake.

Watermelon Wonder

Watermelon Cake

Source: CakesDecor

Watermelon Wonder Cake

Nothing says summer days like slices of juicy watermelon! This fun, tiered cake is perfect for any summer birthday celebration! You could even make this cake a single tier and it would still look great.


Perfect Princess

Princess Cake

Source: Hubpages

Perfect Princess Cake

This perfect princess cake makes an ideal cake for any princess (or princess at heart)! It is a simple design with edible pearls and a fun tiara keepsake to complete the look.


Barnyard Bash

Farm Yard Cake

Barnyard Bash Birthday Cake

If working down on the farm is your idea of a good time, you might love this barnyard themed cake! We love how the cow pattern on the bottom layer of this cake really brings the theme together perfectly!