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Trolls Cakes

Kids party planning is no joke. From the get-go, you feel the stress piling on. These are large get-togethers where you are responsible for many, if not dozens of kids. As you work to get the date together, the activities and the decorations, by the time that you get to the cake, you may be swamped and out of ideas. This is when the temptation to keep the cake simple comes in.

That is why we’re here for you, to show you that you don’t have to throw in the towel on a cake to fit your child’s birthday party. Lately, among younger demographics, one of the biggest movie trends is Trolls. If you have a kid who loves it, who wants their party to revolve around it, then this is definitely the guide for you. We filled it with ideas on how to make your very own Trolls Cake, no expertise needed. All you need is a few simple supplies or a bakery ready to listen to your ideas, and you can forego the simple cake and have something that your child will remember.

What Types of Trolls Cakes Are There?

poppy troll cake

Trolls cake can come in about as many styles as any other cake. When you are planning a party, when it comes to cake, you know how many options there are. In general, if you want a Trolls cake, you can go to a local supermarket, and they will probably put one together for you. You can flip through a book of children’s cakes and find the one with the design you like best. However, these tend to be a little more expensive than making your own, and you have to work around the bakery’s schedule.

When you want to make a cake on your own, the sky is the limit. You can have a sheet cake, a round cake, a decorated tiered cake with fondant shaped like your kid’s favorite character or even cupcakes arranged like a cake. There are many options and many characters to choose from the Trolls movie. The best way to figure out which works for you is to look at your skill level and at the kids that you will be entertaining. Which cake would serve the most kids with the less time and most value?

Why Choose a Trolls Cake?

Trolls Cake

It is the day of the party, and you already have everything set up. Your kid wanted a Trolls party, and so you deliver. You have the cups, plates, decorations and tablecloths all Trolls themed. With the popularity of Trolls, decorations are easy to find. Even your grab bags can have Princess Poppy on the front. So, while you have everything else set up, you get to the cake.

A plain birthday cake just won’t suffice. You want it to match the rest of the party, and if you come out with a plain cake, it might not have the wow factor that you want. However, themed birthday cakes can also be expensive or redundant. If you want to save time and money by making the cake on your own, or if you just want something unique, you need a game plan.

Trolls Cake Tips and Ideas

cute rainbow troll cake

Not all of us can be expert bakers. We want to give our kids the best birthday possible with an impressive, themed cake, but if you do not have skills in cake decorating and fondant, you might feel like you are not going to get very far. This just isn’t the case! These ideas are great for beginners or even those who don’t have a lot of time to bake the cake. After all, party planning is stressful enough, and sometimes you just want to be able to make the cake as quickly as possible.

Trolls Cupcakes

Trolls Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a big hit at birthdays. They’re great because they are less messy and easier to hand off to the kids. Also, you can decorate them in several different ways. We are going to explain to you how you can have cupcakes that match individual characters if you want to. With these particular cupcakes, we’re going to focus on the hair itself. After all, troll hair is iconic.

What you need to complete this is a pastry bag and a variety of icing colors that will match the troll character’s hair. For instance, if you are making Branch, then you’re going to want a darker blue for the hair and a lighter blue for the base.

First, you start with the base coat of icing. Allow your cupcake to cool before you add a level of darker hair using the icing. It may take about three layers of icing to create the iconic pointed hair. In between layers, you can refrigerate the cupcakes to make sure the hair is stable.

When finished, do not allow these cupcakes to melt in warm temperatures. You can make these cupcakes with a simple box mix and an easy icing job.

Pull-Apart Trolls Cake

poppy Troll Cake

This idea has been going around the internet for some time now! Not everyone has the time or ability to design a cake to look like one of the Trolls characters. If you have no experience carving, don’t wait until your kid’s birthday to try it. Instead, think about this option.

It is a mixture of a round cake and several cupcakes. One of the biggest birthday party trends has been these pull-apart cakes, which are nothing more than cupcakes iced together to form a pattern or design. These are especially popular with kids because they can grab a cupcake easily without the mess of cutting or plating slices.

Now, what you do to make this relevant to a Trolls party is easy. The cupcakes are going to form the hair, whereas the round cake is going to serve as the base for the head. If you’re going to make Princess Poppy, for instance, you’re going to want pink frosting, pink and black fondant for the eyes and pink for the nose and mouth. Follow the directions on how to roll fondant and use a stencil to create your shapes.

Once you have the cake base, you arrange the cupcakes as the Poppy’s hair. You can also use a couple of these cupcakes for the ears. This takes the work out of carving into a cake, which can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. Plus, it’s a lot easier to serve than other types of cake.

Trolls Sheet Cake

Trolls Sheet Cake

Themed sheet cakes are a birthday party classic. Pick your child’s favorite flavor, favorite frosting and bake a rectangle cake. There are not any complicated steps, and you do not have to be an expert decorator to pull off this birthday cake. You may want a pastry bag to create a shell border around the edge of your cake. You can use a variety of colors (for trolls, consider rainbow or colorful icing). Shell borders are simple – you simply create downturned shell shapes.

There is more to sheet cake decorating than icing. The most important part of the cake is the toppers. Keep in mind that these do not have to be legitimate cake toppers. You can buy small trolls toys from any department store toy aisle to create a scene on top of your cake. Just make sure that you buy the appropriate size or else they may be too heavy or overpowering on your cake. In general, just have fun with this idea; be as creative as you want.

Cupcake Toppers and Tiers

Cupcake Toppers and Tiers

In the same vein as the cupcake party cakes, there are ways you can make your cakes even more special. Cupcake toppers do exist. Some of these may be toys or cardboard cutouts of hair that you can stick to the top of the cupcakes. You can do a quick search of your local baking aisle or check for toppers online, and you may find some creative ideas. In addition, consider using a cupcake tier to arrange your cupcakes, then at the top, use a large Trolls toy as a party decoration.

Conclusion: Choose Unique Cakes

It’s normal for a kid to be enthralled with their favorite movie, to want to have their party with a theme that expresses what they love. Since Trolls is so popular, it isn’t difficult to have your party revolve around Princess Poppy and her friends because there are countless merchandise and party supplies available. Whether you shop at department stores, online retailers or party supply shops, you are no doubt going to find your fair share of Trolls and accessories to use for decorating.

When it comes to cakes, you don’t have to settle for store bought. You don’t need to master baking or decorating in order to concoct a Troll cake that is going to impress the entire neighborhood – and your child. Having the cake match the party setting can really add to the spirit of the day; not to mention that baking a cake yourself is work that your child will respect – also it adds something special to the day. Most importantly, it can be a fun, creative outlet.