Marks and Spencer Cakes

In the late 1800s Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer became partners founding a company that started out as a market stall in the famous Penny Bazaar.  Known for selling primarily British manufactured goods, Marks and Spencer began offering consumers Christmas cakes in 1958.  Establishing a reputation for specializing in luxury goods Marks and Spencer soon became a major retailer of gourmet foods.  Today Marks and Spencer cakes are an elegant addition to any gathering including baby showers, weddings, and birthdays.

Marks and Spence Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet£45.00
1/2 Sheet£32.00
1/4 Sheet£20.00
1/8 Sheet£16.00
Round Cakes
8" Single Layer£10.00
8" Double Layer£18.00
Cupcake Cakes
36 Count£16.00
54 Count£55.00
Wedding Cakes
2 Tier£2.05 per serving
3 Tier£4.58 per serving

Marks and Spencer Wedding Cakes

ms4Preparation for a traditional wedding can take most couples up to a year.  During that time the couple must choose a venue, flowers, a photographer, and most importantly (to the guests) a caterer.  One part of the food service everyone looks forward to is the cutting of the cake, and Marks and Spencer cakes make offering an expertly decorated gourmet wedding cake affordable.  With a variety of fruit, nut, and flavored sponge cakes available any couple can find the cake of their dreams that will also satisfy the pallets of hungry guests.

Marks and Spencer Birthday Cakes

ms3While most people associate birthday parties with children, many adults host parties to celebrate the birthday of a spouse, parent, or coworker.  Though it is possible to serve any type of traditional cake at a party hosted for an adult audience, the guest of honor would be pleased to see a customized cake served that celebrates their birthday.  Mark and Spencer cakes can be ordered to include the name of the guest of honor along with their age.  Number cakes are also available with your choice of flower, stars, or other decorations.

Marks and Spencer Baby Shower Cakes

ms2Baby Showers have become a way for a growing family to share their excitement over the impending birth of a new child while getting much needed supplies for the infant.  Hosted by close friends or family members of the expectant mother, guests expect to be served

Hors d’oeuvres.  In addition to traditional appetizers it is customary to serve a cake to the guests attending a baby shower.  Marks and Spencer cakes are an elegant centerpiece that are delicious and impressive.

Marks and Spencer Graduation Cakes

ms1Each year thousands of students graduate and leave their high school career to begin their lives of college students.  Before tackling the rigorous schedule of an undergraduate program students look forward to enjoying the summer immediately following their senior year.  To help send the students in your family off on their first adult journey consider throwing a graduation dinner to honor the student.  End the meal with a cake from Marks and Spencer that is personalized with the name and graduation year of the student.

How to Order

Once you have decided to place a Marks and Spencer cakes order visit the location that is most convenient for you.  The staff in the bakery department will help you choose a design and make sure your cake is large enough to serve to all of your guests.  Alternatively, you can place an order online at the Marks and Spencer website for delivery or pick up.  When choosing an elaborate design (especially wedding cakes) allow 7 to 21 days for delivery when placing your orders.