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Trying to find inspiration for your kid’s party and in a rut?

Don’t fret. You simply need a bit of inspiration.

We have compiled a list of our best cakes EVER!

In our opinion, these are probably the best cakes we have EVER run on the site. They are creative, unique, and best of all, DELICIOUS. Even better, you can take these ideas to your favorite bakery and push your next party to a whole other level.

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These May Be The Best Cakes EVER Featured


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Big Fan of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies?

Thin Mint Cake

Who the heck doesn’t like Thin Mints?? You must try out this recipe for Thin Mint cake. It is delicious in every way, and it is easy to make!

Even better, it really captures the yummy flavor of those beloved Thin Mint cookies. Thin Mint fans will rejoice when they try this delectable treat!

Know Someone Who Loves The Secret Life of Pets?

Secret Life Of Pets Cake

If so, be sure to check out this recipe and the directions to create your own Gidget cake!

It is easy to recreate this adorable puppy with the help of icing and fondant! Give this Secret Life of Pets cake a try for yourself.

Strawberry Cake - perfect for Valentine's Day or an anniversary

Although we ran this recipe for Strawberry cake on Valentine’s Day, it is actually a great cake to make during the summertime!

There is nothing better than using fresh strawberries in a cake, and strawberries are in season during the summer months. This cake is sweet, delicious, and refreshing.

Adorable Wilton Polar Bear Cake

Polar Bear Cake

Who wouldn’t love this adorable polar bear cake!? This cake is surprisingly simple to create on your own.

It utilizes a basic circular cake with a few cute little additions that make all the difference and turn this into a sweet polar bear face cake!

Spice Up A Birthday With Disney Rotten to the Core Cake


Rotten To The Core

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This is another awesome cake based on a movie!

This ‘Rotten to the Core’ cake is based on the Disney film, The Descendants. This cake is so fun to make, and it would make the perfect treat for a Halloween party, a fall birthday party, or just for anyone who likes the movie The Descendants.

Give this cake a try for yourself!