Florence Butt opened a small grocery store in Texas back in 1905 with an investment of $60.00. By the 1920s her son, Howard E. Butts, was running the store and rapidly expanding the chain throughout Texas. 1940 saw the introduction of unique, H-E-B brand foods and such innovations stocked frozen foods. Now H-E-B is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in the United States offering quality produce, seafood, meats, and bakery products for affordable prices.

HEB Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet$48.98
1/2 Sheet$28.48
1/4 Sheet$19.98
1/8 Sheet$13.98
Round Cakes
8" Single Layer$6.98
8" Double Layer$10.98
Cupcake Cakes
12 Count$8.98
24 Count$15.99
Wedding Cakes
2 TiersVaries
3 TiersVaries

H-E-B Wedding Cakes

h-e-b wedding cakeH-E-B bakery cakes are the perfect choice for your wedding. Specializing in creating customized, gorgeous, wedding cakes; H-E-B offers a variety of classic, rustic, and modern wedding cake designs. H-E-B bakery cakes come in a variety of flavors including white, yellow, chocolate, marble, and strawberry. Add uniqueness to your wedding cake by selecting up to five tiers with tier combinations that can serve as many as 160 guests. H-E-B wedding cake prices include beautiful designs with edible decorations and cake toppers including fresh flowers, initials, and more.






H-E-B Baby Shower Cakes

h-e-b baby shower cakeChoosing a baby shower cake that is unique, fun, and whimsical can turn your party refreshment into a talked about centerpiece that your guests will enjoy. H-E-B cakes are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a cake that stands out at the next baby shower that they host. In addition to traditional baby shower themed sheet cakes H-E-B offers many gourmet cakes that are beautifully designed and delicious. Crowd pleasers include the heavenly delight, a cake featuring French sponge cake topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, and the red velvet cream cheese cake. Regardless of whether you choose a traditional baby shower themed cake or a gourmet cake, H-E-B baby shower cake prices are affordable and allow you to customize your cake at no additional charge.



H-E-B Birthday Cakes

h-e-b birthday cakeH-E-B specializes in created colorful child birthday cakes that your adult guests will enjoy. Featuring many Disney characters and sports themes, these birthday cakes come in quarter, half, and full sheet sizes along with multilayered round cakes. Serving up to 96 guests, H-E-B birthday cake prices include your choice of cake batter flavor (chocolate, yellow, white, marble, or strawberry), filling (lemon, pineapple, vanilla, raspberry, or strawberry), and icing (buttercream or elite). H-E-B cakes are sure to please your guests of all ages.




H-E-B Graduation Cakes

h-e-b graduation cakeOnce the graduation ceremony is over surprise the former student in your family with one of the several custom made H-E-B cakes available. H-E-B bakery cakes come in several flavors and the multiple icing colors available allow you to choose a meaningful message for the graduate and have it written in their school (or favorite) colors. H-E-B graduation cake prices are affordable making them a cost effective way to feed both an intimate gathering of family only and a large group at a graduation party.






How to Order

Most H-E-B cakes can be ordered easily and conveniently online. Simply choose your cake batter flavor, filling type, icing color, and cake size before ordering your cake online to be picked up at a store. If you are ordering a wedding cake call the store nearest to you and discuss your needs with the bakery staff and place your order over the phone.