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Each year thousands of young adults graduate from high school and college effectively beginning their adult life. Before the former student faces the trials and tribulations of their new adult role it is important that they spend some time celebrating their accomplishment. Having a party or dinner with their family members and close friends is a fantastic way for the graduate to enjoy the occasion with the people who are important to them. The highlight of any graduation gathering is the cake, and finding out where to buy the perfect graduation cake does not have be a time consuming or stressful experience.

Local Bakeries

A traditional bakery is often the first place people consider when they are trying to find the perfect graduation cake. While it will be easy to find a delicious cake at a bakery it is important to remember that most bakery cakes are expensive. The higher prices compensate the professional staff and cover the high quality ingredients used, but make it difficult to find an affordable cake that will satisfy a large graduation party. Also, since most local bakeries employ a small staff of pastry chefs they can only prepare a small number of cakes each week and sometimes require up to a month of prior notice when requesting a special graduation cake.

Grocery Stores

More event planners and casual entertainers are turning to grocery store cakes when they are searching for the perfect graduation cake. Since the cakes are prepared and sold in bulk it is easier to find an affordable cake, especially if you are making a last minute purchase. In addition to the low prices grocery stores have fast turn around times for those who want to order a cake customized to feature the name or picture of the graduate. Stores require anywhere from 2 days to 2 hour advance notice and are the perfect option for anyone who needs a cake prepared on short notice.