Best Hand Mixer

Your sweetie just brought home a pumpkin pie for tonight’s dessert but forgot the whipped cream. How can you eat pumpkin pie without whipped cream? Did best hand mixer pop into your thoughts?

Hmmm, well there’s some cream in the fridge, but do you really feel like lugging your stand mixer out of the cupboard? Just how badly do you want that whipped cream? I bet you’re thinking about the best hand mixer now.

Been there, wondered that, used my hand whisk to make the whipped cream, and thought there has to be a better way. That was the impetus for the purchase of my hand mixer, which I love by the way.

Yep, you need one too.

Why a Hand Mixer?

I’m willing to bet the last time you hand whisked egg whites or cream all the muscles from your shoulder to the tip of your fingers were threatening a major cramp. Admit it; you had to stop at least once and give those muscles a rest.

How many wooden spoons have snapped in two while trying to blend those chocolate chips into that cookie batter? For me, more than I care to share.

Ok, it’s time to add a hand mixer, the best hand mixer, to your arsenal of kitchen tools or replace the one you have that’s been limping along for who knows how many years.

There! Decision made! A new hand mixer it is. Now, which is the best hand mixer for you?

Features That Make the Best Hand Mixer

Near the top, if not the top, of my list for the best hand mixer, is the snap on storage for attachments that many models offer. Aren’t we all over digging through kitchen drawers to find the other beater?

Oh yeah, and that cord that’s always in the way as I’m circling my bowl of batter. Give me the best hand mixer that offers a solution to that problem.

A slow start feature is definitely needed. Who wants to clean up all that flour that flies everywhere when you start up your mixer?

I’m not kidding. Yes, the best hand mixer can do all that.


Two things to consider when thinking about comfort in a hand mixer are the weight and how you have to hold the hand mixer.

A hand mixer that weighs a very light 4 pounds on the scale can quickly end up feeling like 40 pounds after mixing stiff brownie dough for 2 or 3 minutes.

The flip side of that weight coin is a hand mixer that is too light might be hard to control.

Consideration of the ergonomic design of the mixer should not be glossed over. Nor should the material used to make the handle, think rubber or silicone grips. Wet or tired hands make for a slippery hold on that mixer.


You’ll want to know what the attachments are made of and, in addition to the beaters, which attachments you would consider useful when picking the best hand mixer.

Attachments made of stainless steel offer sturdiness and longevity but could add to the price of the mixer.

Some attachments are made of or coated with materials that may chip, erode, or rust after time. Those don’t sound like acceptable ingredients for what you’re mixing.

Whisk attachments, especially when there are two, are beneficial for quickly whipping that cream or meringue.

Other attachments are dough hooks and blending rods.

Speed controls

The best hand mixer will come with a choice of three to nine speeds. Slower speeds for mixing dry ingredients, higher speeds for more dense batters and for whipping. The more speeds, the more versatility.

Unless you are very careful when starting your mixer or you’re up to cleaning up messes, you will want to choose a hand mixer that also offers a slow start feature.

Speed controls encased in plastic help with clean-up. No matter how neat you are, the stuff in the bowl will almost always transfer from your thumb to the control panel.


A hand mixer, known as a portable mixer to many grannies out there, by definition is going to be smaller than a stand mixer and therefore not big enough for a significant power producing motor.

You can expect most hand mixers to have between 200 and 250 watts of power. That’s more than enough power to muscle through everyday hand mixer uses.

It follows that the more watts, the heavier the motor, the heavier the hand mixer. The heavier the hand mixer, the more hand and arm fatigue. There’s a fine line between enough power while still having an efficient, ergonomic hand mixer.

Best Hand Mixer Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve gone through several factors you need to consider when looking for the best hand mixer, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why a hand mixer over a stand mixer?

There are as many reasons as there are cooks. But the first has to be the cost. A hand mixer is going to cost a lot less than a stand mixer.

It’s a lot easier to get out your hand mixer than your stand mixer when you want to whip some cream for tonight’s dessert.

Your hand mixer is the only tool to use when you need to beat something over water or on the stove. Think tempering chocolate or making frostings.

Sure you could use a hand whisk, but a fatigued arm may not have enough strength to lift a fork. How are you going to taste the results of your efforts?

Spend the few dollars and buy the best hand mixer you can afford, you won’t regret it.

How to clean the best hand mixer

Hand mixers are a lot easier to clean than those big, clunky, albeit fantastic stand mixers (have I mentioned how much I love my KitchenAid?).

Put all the attachments in the dishwasher or give them a quick swish in the sink. Then all you have to do is take a clean, soft cloth and wipe the mixer and the cord. Yes, the cord too — you know you spilled some of that batter on it.

Then put it away until the next time you need it. That’s all it takes.

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Can it do heavy duty?

Well, I guess that would depend on your definition of “heavy” duty.

Any of the seven mixers that made our best hand mixer list will easily handle cake mixes, cookie doughs, and lighter bread batters like quick and soda bread, along with mashed potatoes.

Yeast bread doughs might be a bit too heavy duty for both the hand mixer and your arm.

How heavy is it?

The average weight for a hand mixer is 3 pounds. All the options on our best hand mixer list weigh between 2 and 4 pounds.

Of course, holding that average 3 pounds for any length of time can begin to feel like 30 pounds.

How We Reviewed

To find our list of the seven best hand mixers, we searched the internet looking at customer reviews and ratings as well as professional opinions.

We established a metrics list that included all the necessary and desired features of a reliable hand mixer. Then we applied those metrics to over 30 hand mixers to narrow the list, allowing you to make a confident, informed, and quick decision.

We have no business or financial ties to any of the companies on our list.

Our Top 7 Hand Mixers

In no particular order here are the seven hand mixers that made our best hand mixer list.

1. KitchenAid KHM512

[amazon box=”B009VUHLHA” template= “horizontal”]

The KitchenAid KHM512 is a 5-speed hand mixer that comes in a choice of 16 different colors and weighs in at only 2 pounds.

This mixer does not come with the snap on storage feature, or any additional attachments. The two beaters are stainless steel.

The power cord lock allows you to position the power cord on either side of the mixer and lock it, assuring you freedom of movement while you are mixing.

While this mixer has only 145 watts of power, KitchenAid motors are DC (direct current) as opposed to most mixers’ AC (alternating current) motors.

KitchenAid® 5-Speed Ultra Power™ Hand Mixer

KitchenAid claims their motors are 20 percent more powerful, quieter, lighter weight, energy efficient, and use only the power necessary to mix the product.

2. KitchenAid KHM7210

[amazon box=”B07P8GCTWB” template= “horizontal”]

Another KitchenAid hand mixer to consider is the KHM7210. This 7-speed digital hand mixer comes in a choice of 7 different colors and weighs 2 pounds.

This model does not include the snap on storage feature. But in addition to the two stainless steel beaters, you’ll also receive one stainless steel whisk attachment.

The power cord lock feature is included in this model, and this model has a soft start feature.

There are 150 watts of power in this model (see KitchenAid KHM512 above), enough to handle just about all of your hand mixer needs.

3. KitchenAid KHM926

[amazon box=”B07TJ4GPZ6″ template= “horizontal”]

It may be hard to believe our best hand mixer list would include three KitchenAid models, but it is KitchenAid, after-all.

The KitchenAid KHM926 9-speed digital hand mixer is available in 5 different colors and also hits the scale at 2 pounds.

This model includes a storage bag, stainless steel attachments that include two beaters, one whisk, two dough hooks, and a blending rod.

KitchenAid® 9-Speed Hand Mixer

The model includes the power cord lock feature and has a soft start feature. There are 145 watts of power in this model (see KitchenAid KHM512 above), enough to handle just about all of your hand mixer needs.

4. Cuisinart HM-90S

[amazon box=”B0034A8C4O” template= “horizontal”]

The Cuisinart HM-90S 9-speed mixer is only available in white and weighs in at a hefty 4 pounds.

[amazon fields=”B0034A8C4O” value=”thumb” image=”5″ image_size=”large”]

This mixer includes a plastic snap-on storage container and attachments that include two extra-long beaters, one chef’s whisk, and two dough hooks. There is a soft start feature on this 220 watts power hand mixer.

5. Shardor HM

[amazon box=”B082SKDF96″ template= “horizontal”]

The Shardor HM 5-speed hand mixer is available in white or black and weighs 2.45 pounds.

While this mixer does not include a storage container, it does come with a storage stand, which holds the two stainless steel beaters and the two stainless steel dough hooks. A stainless steel whisk is included as a “gift.”

The unbelievable 300 watts of power will surely muscle through any batter you can muster. The soft start feature must make all that power yawn.

6. VonShef

[amazon box=”B07C7KBBYC” template= “horizontal”]

The VonShef 5-speed hand mixer is available in red, blue, or cream and weighs 2.85 pounds.

There is no storage container with this mixer. The attachments are all stainless steel and include two beaters, two dough hooks, and one balloon whisk. There is no soft start with this mixer, but it does have an impressive 250 watts of power.

7. Breville BHM800SIL

[amazon box=”B00XBOXUWC” template= “horizontal”]

The Breville BHM800SIL 9-speed electronic control mixer only comes in silver and weighs 4 pounds.

Not only does this mixer have a clear plastic snap-on storage container, but it also comes with two quiet scraper beaters, two whisks, and two dough hooks.

[amazon fields=”B00XBOXUWC” value=”thumb” image=”4″ image_size=”large”]

Breville claims their “Beater IQ™ technology detects which attachment you’ve inserted and adjusts to the optimal speed.” Another unique feature with this mixer is the mixing light that enables you to view what’s going on in the bowl. The power on this mixer is equally impressive with its 240 watts.

You would expect a hand mixer with all the bells and whistles of the Breville BHM800SIL to cost considerably more, and it does.

After All Is Said and Done

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at many hand mixers and managed to carve a very lengthy list down to the seven best hand mixers.

Which is the right one for you? What will you be mixing? Is there a preferred color you must have in your kitchen? How much are you willing to spend?

Questions, questions, questions.

Our job was to do the research and bring you accurate, current, qualifiable information so that you can, with confidence, make an informed decision.

So all that’s left is for you to add your emotion to all of the above facts and mix up a decision. Yummmm, is that the smell of brownies coming from your kitchen?

So tell us in the comment box below which of our seven best hand mixers you picked. And, while you’re at it, let us know the first thing you made with your new hand mixer.