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Welcome to All Cake Prices! We’re the number one resource online for cake prices. If you need to factor in the price of a cake for an upcoming event, we have you covered. You name it! Wedding cake prices, Walmart cake prices, Dairy Queen cake prices, Sams Club cake prices. We have it all in our directory!

But, here at All Cake Prices, we’re about so much more than simply finding the average wedding cake cost. Our site is packed with the latest handy tips on baking your own cakes. We’ll help you find ingredients and kitchen tools. We’ll even show you how to make different cakes. We also post clever ideas for unique cakes that more advanced bakers can try out. We can even show you cake recipes from scratch. Even better, we walk you through the process of how to bake a cake and turn your hobby into a profitable business!

So, if you need an amazing holiday-themed cake to wow friends and family or an ice cream cake for your kid’s first birthday, we have your back! All Cake Prices. Your one stop for all things baking and cake related.

We are open for all suggestion and feedback. You can contact us here.