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ASDA Cakes Prices in 2022

In 1949 two brothers, Fred and Peter opened the first ASDA grocery store location.  Raised in the retail industry by their family of West Yorkshire butchers. The two brothers wanted to expand their family’s sphere of influence in the community by expanding their business venture.  Joined by a group of dairy farmers the founders of ASDA established a shop in an old movie theater. It was converted into a self-service supermarket.  Over the years the business continued to grow by expanding its grocery offerings. However, they maintain low prices.  Today ASDA is a subsidiary of the Walmart corporation. The company continues to offer quality products at affordable prices with special attention given to the chain’s consistently busy bakery department. Many customers visit and purchase ASDA Cakes.

Below are the latest estimated ASDA Cakes.

ASDA Birthday, Graduation, and Baby Shower Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
1/2 Sheet Cake£20.00
1/4 Sheet Cake£15.00
Round Cakes
8" Single Layer£8.00
8" Double Layer£12.00
Cupcake Cakes
12 Count£5.00

ASDA Birthday Cakes


Birthdays are extremely special to children and adults alike.  Most people look forward to the one day each year that they are given special attention by their family members, friends, and coworkers.  One way to make a birthday extra special is to throw a party for yourself or your loved ones.  ASDA cakes are the perfect addition to any birthday celebration. They are available in a wide variety of designs. It makes it possible to find the perfect cake for even the pickiest birthday boy or girl.  In addition to traditional birthday cakes, ASDA birthday cakes featuring popular movie or television characters are available for purchase. So, along with small “smash” cakes that are ideal for a first birthday celebration. Kids really love cakes with decorations like their favorite cartoon characters.

ASDA Baby Shower Cakes

2tier asda baby shower cake

Preparing for a new baby to arrive is an exciting and scary time in a parent’s life.  No matter how many children a family has the impending arrival of a new baby always signals a rush of activity as everyone attempts to prepare themselves for the adjustment having a new baby requires.  One way to remove the stress from the upcoming birth and focus on the joy is to have a baby shower.  It is a way to give the family a way to get valuable items for their new baby. Also, it gives them an opportunity to share their joy with the people close to them.  ASDA cakes are a great refreshment choice for your next baby shower.  It does not only come in the most popular flavors. Baby shower cakes are extremely affordable. It makes it easy to feed guests without breaking a budget.

Also, if you want to celebrate a surprise for your family and friends about the upcoming little bundle of joy, you can celebrate gender-reveal.

ASDA Graduation Cakes

3 tier asda bday cake

Each year thousands of students graduate at the beginning of summer and most are eager to celebrate their accomplishments.  If someone close to you has recently graduated show your pride in their achievement by throwing a graduation party or dinner in their honor.  Invite some of their close friends, family members, and people in the community who have helped them reach their goals.  So, once you have created your guest list it is time to order ASDA cakes to serve to your guests.  ASDA graduation cakes are inexpensive. Also, they can decorate it in the colors of the graduate’s school. Now, toss that graduation cap with a sweet delight!

They also have designs to fit your different holiday celebrations.

ASDA Wedding Cakes

Unfortunately, ASDA does not currently offer wedding cakes.  So, we urge you to contact your local store to see if they are able to make an exception.  When ASDA begins offering wedding cakes we will update this website with ASDA wedding cake prices.  In the meantime, feel free to view Walmart cakes and H-E-B cakes for their selection of available wedding cakes.

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How to Order?

Placing your ASDA cake order can be done in one of three easy ways.  The most common way to order is to call your local ASDA. Then, discuss your needs with the bakery staff.  Also, you can stop by the ASDA bakery department while you are shopping and have them show you examples of their available designs.  Lastly, visit their website and place your ASDA cakes order online. So, you can always be sure to give at least 48 hours of advance notice. It is to ensure that your cake is ready in time for your next event.

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